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Broncos 8, Seahawks 43: Instant Reactions

I could smell the stench from Jersey all the way in Denver. The football game was bad too.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

What does one have to say after a game like this?
For starters, I'm glad I enjoyed the ride to the Super Bowl, I really am. Would I change how much I cheered and chest pounded? No. I'm sorry, I mean to say hell no! This loss stings either way, so at least I can say that I had two weeks of euphoria leading up to it instead of worry and angst.

Did anybody from the Denver Broncos actually show up to play in this game? From literally the first snap of the game, we were destined for defeat. How can Manny Ramirez snap the ball at that moment in time? It was only a few seconds into the game, and the Broncos already spotted Seattle 2 points. It was the fastest score in Super Bowl history! I've said it before and I'll say it again; it seems as though the Broncos were put on this earth for other teams to make history against!

I keep reading the stat sheet and it says that Peyton Manning completed 34 passes. Really? If he completed that many, how come I can really only remember a handful of them? No, that isn't the liquor talking, it's simply because outside of a few passes, all 34 were largely forgettable.

Was this game simply too big for the Broncos? It sure seemed that way to me. The Broncos got their asses handed to them in every way possible. Don't believe me? Here, lets count the ways shall we?
Safety on the first play of the game. Check
Pick six: Check
Rushing touchdown: Check
Passing touchdown: Check
Kick return touchdown: Check

About the only thing missing from that is a fumble return for a touchdown, but hey, the game only had 60 minutes or I'm sure we would have gotten around to that too!

I'm sure the big national networks will say how Peyton crumbled and choked yet again in the playoffs, and who's to blame them? The only solace I can take away from that is knowing that it wasn't just Manning who fell apart, it was the whole damn team!

Where was Champ Bailey? Oh yeah, there he was, getting beat yet again for a long score.
Where was Tony Carter? Yep, giving up pass interference plays in the end zone (I don't really blame this on him though).
Where were our safeties and linebackers?
Where was our pass protection?
Where was our running game?
Where was our passing game?
Where was the plethora of riches on offense, because they sure as hell weren't on the field!

If that Tony Carter P.I. was legit, then how was there no call against Seattle the next drive when Julius Thomas was hit so that he couldn't complete his route?

Hell, I'm just pulling things out of the sky now. It isn't like that would have made a difference. 43-8 wasn't decided by officiating, it was a product of the world's biggest stage being too big for the 2013 Denver Broncos.

Will Manning retire after this? I hope not, but after this, I can't say that I care (again, Instant Reactions people).
Will we sign our free agents? Again, I hope so, but who knows if that's a good or bad thing after this Bronx Beatdown.

I must admit it, but this humiliation doesn't sting quite as bad as the Baltimore loss the year before. I think it's because this game was over before it started. It's one thing to have 4 hours to prepare yourself for the loss. It's quite a different story when you think you have the game won only to see it snatched from your hands at the last second.

Make no mistake, I'm more upset with this defeat, but it doesn't have quite the same sting to it. I'm a rage filled monster right now. I just hope it passes before spring begins.

There are only two things that I can be certain about. First, this will be one long offseason, and second, my love for this team will be just as passionate in a year's time when we find the Broncos back for Super Bowl 49 (you figure out that Roman Numeral).

GO BRONCOS!!! 19-0 until we aren't!