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Report: Broncos Expected to Work on a Contract Extension for John Fox

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Should the Broncos extend John Fox?

Jeff Gross

It was reported prior to the Super Bowl that if Broncos Head Coach John Fox won the Super Bowl that he would have cashed in on a 1 million dollar bonus. Unfortunately that did not happen, however it looks like Fox may still cash in this offseason. With Fox's contract expiring at the end of the 2014 season it is reported that the Broncos plan to sign John Fox to a contract extension this offseason.

NFL Networks Ian Rapport reported Sunday that the Broncos will begin to work on a contract extension after Super Bowl XLVIII. As you can see above both sides are confident that something will get done, and a "Team Source" said that Fox is "Perfect For Us(Broncos)"

Since being hired in 2011, Coach John Fox has had an impressive three year stint with the Denver Broncos. Fox's three year regular season win/loss record is 34-14(71% win percentage), and is 3-3(50% win percentage) in the postseason as the Broncos Head Coach. In each of Fox's three years as the Broncos Head Coach the team has won the AFC West each year, they have advanced to at least the AFC Divisional Championship, and advanced to the Super Bowl this past season.

With an impressive resume like that you do not put a coach with three consecutive AFC West titles, three playoff postseason appearances and a Super Bowl appearance in a "lame-duck" position.

However, some question whether or not they should extend John Fox this offseason. Fox has a reputation of being a conservative coach, and has been out coached in some big games. One example of this is the 2012 AFC Divisional Game when many fans and experts questioned Fox's late game management. Also some are questioning Fox after sunday's Super Bowl performance. The team did not look prepared, the game plan was lacking, and Fox was just out coached by Seattle's Pete Carroll. It will be very interesting to see if the team's embarrassing Super Bowl performance has any impact on Fox's potential extension.

What do you guys think?

Go Broncos!