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Six Pack: Postmortem of the worst team performance by the Denver Broncos since 2010

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Richard Sherman is a Jackass

The NFC Championship was the Super Bowl, the 49ers were the second-best team in the NFL. -Dick Sherman

Even with a broken foot he can't help himself by being the worst sportsman in professional sports. Sure he is intelligent and not "a thug" as some tried to espouse. No, he is just a douchebag and has no clear idea how a winner is supposed to act.

He is like that guy we've all known who loves to rub it in everyone's face that he was part of a winner. It isn't enough for his fragile psyche that he played well and beat another team. No, he has to go laugh in the faces of others and be a poor sportsman. It is what it is. It's funny how the media tries to protect him from himself. I won't. Dude is a complete tool and I'll never change my mind about that. It's the history of poor sportsmanlike behavior that this opinion stems from. Though I'm sure someone has an excuse for him and will feel the need to let me know about it.

2. Shaun Phillips Adds Perspective

On the other side of the coin, you have another "talker" like Shaun Phillips who isn't a jackass. He talks, but he shows opponents respect while winning. It's how you conduct yourself that proves ones true character.

Though heartbroken over the loss, its touching to see the human side of the players on our team. It helped soften the blow of defeat on a Monday.

3. Beating an Already Dead Horse

Leave it to Drew Litton to reopen the wound that Shaun Phillips' tweet helped close a little. It wasn't hard for the Seattle Seahawks to do it, considering the Denver Broncos were beating themselves right out of the gate. It really was a comedy of errors.

4. Apparently, People Like Porn

Not really my thing, but apparently after watching football, fans from both teams immediately began jumping onto the porn interwebs. Personally, I rented the movie Carrie from U-verse and watched it with my wife and teenaged kid, but hey, to each their own!

5. All We Got Left is John Elway

Peyton Manning will have another chance next year, but for now, us Broncomaniacs still have the memories of John Elway to help ease the pain of this Super Bowl blowout. It sure does stink that this franchise either wins the Super Bowl or gets their asses kicked in it.

6. Laying the Wood on MHR

So I took a day off from the Six Pack because, well, it just wasn't worth it. If the Broncos didn't have to show up for the Super Bowl, why should I show up for my responsibilities the next day?

I did notice that trolls came flooding into MHR to rub feces in our collective faces, so the ban hammer has fallen liberally and frequently since Sunday. How quickly Chiefs fans forget they blew the second biggest lead in NFL playoff history or how quickly the Raiders fans forget their team hasn't been relevant in a decade. I expected the Seahawks fans to mostly be Richard Sherman-like in their sportsmanship, but hey, we reap what we sow sometimes.

This is a Broncos blog, so obviously we're going to be slanted in our views just like Field Gulls or Arrowhead Pride ... or SB Nation. The Broncos failed to execute. It's as simple as that. They are better than they played on Sunday and that's the worse part. We should have seen this coming, because in hindsight we are no strangers to how poorly the Broncos execute at times.

Think back to all of those games where the Broncos offense just stunk it up, then they would rip off four straight touchdown drives and win by 20 points. This should have been a warning sign of things to come. It's insane to think of how historic this offense was in spite of these warning signs. They were too efficient on scoring drives, but woefully inept on non-scoring drives.

On Sunday, they started the game with a disaster and spent the rest of the game trying too hard to make it work. The harder they tried, the worse it got. Moving forward, 2014 certainly looks like once again ours for the taking. Let's see it through!

One last thought, the flagship trolled our fanbase hard last night on their front page by allowing a Chiefs fan call our team a bunch of assholes. It's us against the world apparently.

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