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Broncos Six-Pack: Congratulating the World Champs

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Your daily dose of Broncos news.

Otto Greule Jr

The Six-Pack

1. Congratulations Seattle

It is tough to say it, but I'm trying to channel my inner Peyton Manning here and sincerely congratulate Seattle on their first championship. What a great parade - 700,000 lined the streets to greet their football team. What a great sports town.

Our friends at Field Gulls have a ton of updates and photos from the parade in their story stream, which you can see right here.

Congratulations Seattle, you were the best team in 2013. Enjoy it!

2. Super Bowl sets viewing records

I would think a 43-8 whooping would have a fair number of viewers tune out of the game, but apparently FOX came out winners on Sunday after all. Super Bowl XLVIII broke the record for most-watched television program ever with 111.5 million viewers. It also broke the record for live tweets with 24.9 million.

My theory: it was like a bad car accident. Peyton Manning wrecked his Buick and people couldn't look away.

3. John Elway fired up

In case you missed it, John Elway was fired up in his end-of-year presser Tuesday.

"And I'll say one thing: I kind of get the sense that these questions are about ‘How are we going to overcome this?' Well, the bottom line is, ‘Sure. It's not even 48 hours away from the game.' But I will tell you this: right now the focus is on what happened instead of how we got there and what we did this year, what we went through as a team. But I say that the farther you get away from this, the less you concentrate on just that one game, the more you recognize the whole season and really what we did as a football team and really as an organization. And I'll tell you what, I'm very proud of that. There are some changes we've got to make and we'll make those. But the thing is, we can use that as a game that, ‘OK, we now know what it's like to be there, now we're going to use that as the experience of we've been there but we've got to start with step one again and start with the offseason program.' And April 21st-everybody that knows it comes in here and the people that we bring in here when it gets to 85-90 guys on the roster, John [Fox] readdresses this team the first time and again it's to get back and be World Champions. The goal has not changed and it will not change. We will use this as an experience that we went through, be disappointed that we didn't play better, but the bottom line is this organization and what [Owner & CEO] Pat Bowlen wants from this organization-that has not changed and it will not change. The bottom line is we're going to work as hard as we worked this year, if not harder, and continue to do that with the mindset that we want to be World Champions and we're going to do everything we can to get there. "

Love that fire. We'll have more on this before the end of the week.

4. Thursday Night Football coming to CBS

The good news? Thursday Night Football will be simulcast on CBS and the NFL Network eight times next season.

The bad news? More Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.

Actually I prefer Nantz/Simms to NFL Network's broadcast team. Mayock is great for the draft but not a fun listen on game day This is still a win to me, as long as Simms tones down the anti-Broncos bias. It was bad there for awhile.

5. Stage Four Depression

Blogging today is helping, actually, but for awhile there I didn't want to talk Broncos. Sometimes you just gotta get away. Anyone else there?

6. Changes are coming

We talked about it during the season a bit; I know I mentioned it in the comments and elsewhere. Changes to MHR's Community Guidelines will be coming this offseason, and that is one of the next items on my to-do list. We want MHR to be a welcome place for all NFL fans to talk football, not just Broncos fans, and we want to welcome those who would engage in respectful discourse. Make no mistake, this is a Broncos site, but right now MHR doesn't always feel like a welcome environment toward other fans to me. I encourage all of you to be respectful of your fellow commenters, regardless of team affiliation, as long as they are following the guidelines as well. Like most things, that notion of respect starts at the top, so here's notice that that will be changing and spelled-out more clearly in the community guidelines.

In addition, we'll eventually be making a call-out for new writers to join the staff. If you have the itch to blog with, please be looking for that callout!

This staff and this community has done an amazing job - we crushed every goal we set in 2013 -  and I'm thrilled to be at Mile High Report. This is your blog and your community, and - as always - please email me with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions toward the MHR community.  I can't wait to see it continue to grow in 2014.

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