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A Broncos fan's letter to Peyton Manning

The Denver Post's "Dear Mr. Manning" letter, from a Broncos fan, is a fantastic read.

Kevin C. Cox

Editor's note: This piece was originally written by Monty AKA Kyle Montgomery, but it felt more appropriate to pass the byline over to Laurie Lattimore-Vollkmann, who wrote the letter, which was the catalyst for her eventual joining MHR.

"I am not a sports reporter, not an NFL analyst, not a former player," the author begins.

From the first words of Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann's letter to Peyton Manning, I was captivated.

Lattimore-Volkmann, a Colorado native and Broncos fan, puts Peyton Manning's legacy into wonderful perspective. The Denver Post just published her letter. Go read it now.

Some highlights:

I actually understand - on the most basic level - what legacy truly means.

Legacy is something handed down that matters. It is something that matters to young players and athletes and kids looking for mentors to help them find their way.

You don't hand down Super Bowl trophies. You don't hand down NFL MVPs or franchise records. And you don't hand down touchdowns, statistics or win-loss records.

You hand down an example of work ethic, of courage to come back after a career-threatening injury, of humility in victory and graciousness in defeat, and of perspective on one's own accomplishments. That legacy matters, and that's why yours is untarnished even - and especially - after Sunday's loss.

Thank you for sharing this letter Ms. Lattimore-Volkmann. Mr. Manning isn't the only person who will appreciate it; Broncos Country does too.

Dear Mr. Manning... | The Denver Post