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NFL Free Agency: Jared Allen to the Broncos rumors are heating up

One report says those close to Allen would be "shocked" if he didn't end up a Denver Bronco.

Jamie Squire

As we mentioned in today's Horse Tracks, Jared Allen is bound for free agency after informing the Vikings he won't be returning in 2014.

If the red hot rumors turn out true, Allen could soon be informing the Broncos of his interest to go to Denver instead.

The Broncos nearly traded for Allen back in October 2013, and with Michael Bennett signing with the Seahawks today, Allen remains one of the more attractive defensive ends on the free agent market. He ranked 53rd in our 2014 NFL Free Agents Database, but that number came with a standard deviation of 27 - analysts haven't made up their mind on Allen's value.

Allen had 23.5 sacks from 2012-2013, and 22 sacks in 2011, earning him the 2011 NFC Defensive Player of the Year award. He has indicated he wants to play for a contender in 2014.

The Peyton Manning-led Broncos certainly fit that bill.