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2014 NFL Free Agency: Denver Broncos looking to sign Jared Allen

As the bell rings to start the free agent race in the NFL, the Denver Broncos have been brought up as primary contenders for a couple of top tier players. Not only that, they have the salary cap space to compete.
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Hannah Foslien

Jared Allen, come on down!

In case you missed it, Kyle Montgomery reported that Jared Allen and the Denver Broncos may just be happening very soon. Signing aging pass rushers is usually a pretty safe bet, considering those guys don't make it that long in the league by being one year wonders and with 45.5 sacks since the 2011 season, I'd say Jared Allen is as safe a bet as John Elway could make.

In fact, the thought of pairing him up with Von Miller is already making me salivate. If Miller and Elvis Dumervil was scary, what about putting a potential Hall of Fame player opposite of Miller? All I have to say is, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Ding, Ding, Ding .. Let Free Agency Begin!

Already, I'm feeling like I am using too many exclamation points, but who cares! It's Free Agency!

If you need a source to follow all day every day that will provide you with sourced updates on any free agent rumor on the planet, then I highly suggest RotoWorld. Specifically, go to their Denver Broncos related news page and keep on top of all things Broncos this week or if you prefer to keep things in one place, our man Scotty Payne is slaying it in the Broncos Free Agency tracking right here on Mile High Report.

According to this, the Broncos are also expected to pursue T.J. Ward. However, after reading the source, it certainly looks like The Denver Post was grasping at straws for the reasoning, but who knows. I'd take the guy for sure. I would bet Mike Mitchell is more likely the real target this week, but we'll see.

Either way, with $25,000,000 in the war chest, John Elway should be able to get whoever he wants if the price is worth it.

John Elway the superhero?

Yeah, I caught this tweet a few days ago of a comic book featuring John Elway and the Denver Broncos. I cannot even think of what the possible plot could be. Judging by the uniforms, I am guessing overcoming a Super Bowl blowout might be one of the plot lines. I know, that hurt.

The Best NFL GM's

Some guy that looks like my 15 year old brother, ranked the best General Managers in the NFL. I felt the first two on his list were utter garbage, but hey, I think those two General Managers get way too much credit. From then on, it's fairly good, especially when I saw John Elway at the #6 spot after just three seasons on the job. Keep up the godo work John!

6. John Elway - Broncos

To be clear, Elway would belong in the top 10 even if his lone move was convincing Peyton Manning to come to Denver. It was the most important free-agent signing of the past five years. But Manning wasn’t Elway’s first home run. That would be Von Miller at No. 2 overall in 2011. Elway is only an average drafter, but has shown an uncommon proficiency at mining the open market. Shaun Phillips, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Wes Welker weren’t just excellent free agent signings last season, they were cheap excellent free agent signings. It’s true that Elway has an unfair advantage in Manning as a recruiter, but that’s not his problem. Elway’s problem is exploiting that unfair advantage, and it’s something he’s done masterfully since luring Manning to the Rocky Mountains. Elway also has remarkable patience for a man who’s overseeing a team that practically defines "win now." He didn’t panic when "Faxgate" inadvertently made Elvis Dumervil a free agent. He waited for Phillips to fall into his lap. And where some teams would be doing all they could to retain every last piece of an AFC champion puzzle, Elway has wisely resisted overpaying free agent Eric Decker. Elway hit the longest home run of the past five years, but it’s hardly the only time he’s rounded the bases.

Horse Tracks

  • Chris Kuper never really recovered from that gruesome ankle injury, but in retirement he'll go down as one of our fan favorites in Broncos annals.
  • Peter King believes Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will be back with the Broncos in 2014. I'm not sure of his track record on such things, but it does seem to be the most logical course of action for Elway at this point.
  • Frank Schwab did a nice job providing an offseason blueprint for the Broncos to follow. If John Elway needed a blueprint, that is.
  • Inside Linebacker is a position that worries me greatly heading into this offseason, so this linebacker free agency primer from Jeff Legwold was interesting, if only to learn that Elway might be better off looking to the 2014 NFL Draft for an inside linebacker.
  • It's good to see the Broncos rank well in this ranking of most/least valuable free agent signings at the quarterback, running back and wide receiver positions.
  • This was a good read over the flagship website about a draft prospect that is unlikely to be a Denver Broncos in two months, but interesting is always worth the time.
  • And oh my, when did this awesome GIF tournament begin? Freaking awesome! Thankfully, only one embarrassing Broncos GIF made the cut and it lost in the first round. I'd prefer the Broncos NOT be seen as comical and the butt of a joke. ... been there done that all through the late 80's and early 90's!