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Free agency buzz: Jared Allen to visit Broncos, money may be a problem

Jared Allen may not be signing with anyone anytime soon.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Update (5:00 PM MT): Jared Allen is going to visit the Broncos "soon," but he is not flying to Denver today. As of now, Allen is in Arizona doing work with his charity. See the original story below:

The NFL's 2014 free agency signing period is underway and the Denver Broncos have already lost a starter. Guard Zane Beadles signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars almost immediately after the signing period opened. Team captain Wesley Woodyard and Eric Decker may also be on the way out, opening up spots at linebacker and receiver in Denver.

The Broncos have already started to address the receiver position, locking up Bubba Caldwell for two more years. It remains to be seen how Denver will attack their remaining positions of need, but there are many options available.

At defensive end, the Dallas Cowboys have released DeMarcus Ware (a 3-4 outside pass-rushing linebacker), instantly making him one of the top defenders available in free agency. While the Broncos may kick the tires on Ware, they have had their eyes on another defensive end, Jared Allen.

Allen has scheduled a visit with the Broncos, according to CBS4's Vic Lombardi, but a deal is not expected to get done today. According to ProFootballTalk, Allen is asking for more than the Broncos are currently willing to give. Fortunately for Denver, PFT also reports that Allen currently does not have any other suitors.

This could open the door for a good old fashioned standoff until the two sides can compromise and work out a deal that makes everyone happy. If no other team comes into the equation, it seems likely that Denver would win this battle.

Other teams are expected to come into the equation, however, which could actually speed up the process. As for Allen, he had made it clear he wants to play for a contender. Denver fits the bill. Money is the only holdup.

In the meantime, the Broncos landed safety T.J. Ward for a bargain price of approximately $5.5 million per year, according to reports. With Elway running the show, perhaps even Allen could be persuaded to come down in his asking price?

If Denver were to show an interest in Ware, that could influence Allen to come down in his asking price in order to land with a contender. As of now, there has been no word on whether the Broncos have been reaching out to Ware's representatives. There have been reports on Denver's interest in Allen, however.

For now, it's a waiting game. Your move, Allen.