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Report: Broncos had interest In Jairus Byrd and Everson Griffen

Elway was all over the defensive market it seems

Adam Bettcher

In the last 24 hours the Denver Broncos, and John Elway have been very active. First they signed Safety T.J Ward to a four-year deal, worth a total of $23 million, then they signed Aqib Talib to a six-year deal worth $57 million dollar contract, and today they signed DeMarcus Ware to a three-year deal worth 30 million dollars.

However reports surfaced today that Talib and Ware weren't the Broncos top choices.

NFL Networks Ian Rapoport tweeted out that the Broncos were interested in former Buffalo Bills free safety Jairus Byrd before landing Cornerback Aqib Talib.

Byrd eventually ended up signing a six-year 54 million deal with the New Orleans Saints. It's interesting the Broncos were looking to upgrade at the Free Safety position that Rahim Moore currently mans.

Also today Fox Sports Alex Marves tweeted out that the Denver Broncos were "heavily pursuing" Minnesota's Everson Griffen.

Marvez continues on saying that the Broncos were offering Griffen a deal that averaged 9 million dollars a year. This forced Minnesota to sweeten the offer, and eventually ended up re-signing him to a five-year, 42.5 million dollar contract extension.

Broncos were dangling deal averaging $9M a year. That forced the Vikings to sweeten offer to keep Griffen and aused the Broncos to look elsewhere

Alex Marvez

This forced the Broncos to look elsewhere. They first targeted Griffen's former teammate Jared Allen, and offered him the same three-year, 30 million dollar contract that they eventually offered Ware. NFL Networks Ian Rapoport tweeted out that the Broncos chose to go after Ware instead. Today DeMarcus Ware signed that three-year 30 million dollar contract.

So I ask you this question. Which pair would you rather have? Jairus Byrd and Everson Griffen or Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware?