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Free Agency Day 3: What Would Elway Do?

Well, the feeding frenzy of the first 2 days in Free Agency is over. With $10 million in cap space and late round draft picks at his disposal, what should Broncos GM John Elway do (if anything)?

Kevin C. Cox

Here we are, knee deep into day three of free agency. There is no doubt that John Elway has crushed the offseason once again, but is he finished? Remember, the Broncos still have $10 million in cap space as well as extremely late round draft picks at their disposal. The Broncos have Peyton Manning for a few more years and appear to be loaded for bear, so does Elway stand pat and roll $10 million into next year's cap? Or does Elway pull yet another rabbit or two out of his hat? If I'm The Duke, The Provider, The Free Agent Crusher John Elway, I'm looking at these options:

#1 Bringing Knowshon Moreno back.

Knowshon is one of the best available free agent running backs out there. We saw a big name in Darren McFadden get signed for $4 million per year, and while I believe Moreno is better, McFadden is the bigger name with bigger talent. If I'm Elway, I think long and hard about offering Knowshon $2-3 million per year for 3-4 years to round out the running back depth chart with a proven commodity that knows the offense like the back of his hand.

#2 Give Seattle their second round tender for Doug Baldwin.

We pick next to last in the second round anyways. What more could you expect out of your second round pick than what Baldwin would offer? Pay the man his $2.9 million and move on. He's better and cheaper than Decker, and he would rather fight for the ball than fight the ref for a flag (I'm looking at you Decker). The draft is the ultimate crap shoot, and the Broncos don't have the best track record with high picks, so why not just trade an unscratched lotto ticket for a guaranteed jackpot?

#3 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is still out there, so go get him.

Out of all the "big name" players left, DRC is arguably the best of the bunch. Sure he balked at Elway's earlier offer, but after having mild interest by other teams, he might want to entertain the thought of approaching Elway and begging him to be put back into his good graces. Elway typically gives you an offer and if you take too long, he'll move on because he simply doesn't play games with people, but DRC is talented enough to warrant a second date. Answer the call Mr. Elway, DRC is worth it.

#4 Start the process of re-signing your own soon-to-be free agents before their price goes up even further.

Yes, I know that Elway doesn't typically do this, but Demaryius Thomas will be due his elite contract, so will Julius Thomas and Von Miller. While I know that "Juice" is still unproven and Miller needs to prove he can stay out of trouble, Demaryius Thomas is unquestionably a top 5 wide receiver in the entire NFL. The last thing the Broncos need is for his price to go up even higher because of a bidding war next year. Sign him to a fair contract and approach Orange Julius about an extension. While you're at it, let Von know that you have his back as long as he has yours and that if he stays clean and out of trouble, he'll never have to worry about free agency.

#5 What the heck, trade away pick #31.

Again, the Broncos first round draft record isn't exactly stellar. I can count on one hand the number of successful first round picks that the Broncos have drafted since winning the Super Bowl, and one of them came that very offseason in Big Al Wilson! If history is any indicator (and it better be), the first round is the ultimate crap shoot. I wouldn't mind trading away our pick for a guard or middle linebacker. GMs are blinded by first round draft picks, so I find it almost irresponsible for Elway to not fleece a team by snagging away a monster stud for the #31 pick in the draft. Give up a probable bust for a probable pro bowler. That is how it's done, and that is what could solidify John Elway as the best GM currently in the NFL.

As always, we'll keep you updated on all things Denver Broncos. Check back often because as when news breaks, we're the ones breaking it!