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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos free agent spending spree on hold for now

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Ron Antonelli

Cap Rich, but Cash Poor?

According to Vic Lombardi, the Denver Broncos have burnt through their cash reserves already after signing the big three of DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward. It was money well spent, but it might be prudent to keep the cap ceiling a little more than arms length away in case something shakes loose later this Summer that John Elway may want to take advantage of. For now, I'm perfectly content watching them stand pat.

Stay Classy Jacksonville

Poor Zane Beadles had to sign his mega deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars in a storage room of some sort. I wouldn't mind having that tacky looking neon sign. It does make one wonder what kind of "Bingo" hall that place was.

AFC Contenders Obvious

With the aggressiveness of John Elway to shore up the defense with proven defensive standouts, I felt he did everything he needed to do to ensure this team is as good or better than last season. Maybe even tougher to boot. It was doubly satisfying for a few minutes when he stole away the top cornerback of AFC rival New England Patriots, but that didn't last long as they shoveled a truckload of money in Darrelle Revis' direction to even out the talent gap with the favored Broncos. Meanwhile, the rest of the AFC seemed content to play second fiddle to the two juggernauts of the conference.

It pleases me that Skip Bayless made this prediction as well, because Skip Bayless is almost always on the wrong side of right.

#87 Bids Farewell to #87

Denver Broncos all-time great, Eddie McCaffrey sent a well wishing tweet Eric Decker's way. It certainly was fun while it lasted, but I do recall getting frustrated with Decker seemingly complaining all of the time. I do not ever recall Eddie Mac doing such a thing. Looking forward to the next great #87 to don the orange and blue!

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