Elway is building a contender for Osweiler

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I keep hearing how our window is closing, and how it will shut when Manning retires. Well, that's all complete garbage. We're not mortgaging our future, we're investing in it. And the biggest asset Elway has tucked away was added to our portfolio in 2012: Brock Osweiler.

So why do I have such faith in our 57th overall pick from that year? Because Elway does. At least four teams (most notably the Texans) have tried to pry "Ice Water" from our clutches this offseason, and each one was told that we weren't interested. If we thought he was a bad pick, we would have jumped on the deal quicker than the Jags sent Gabbert to the 49ers for a sixth-round pick. But no, we wouldn't even listen to offers. If that doesn't tell you for a fact that he's our future, you'll just have to wait and see it happen for your own eyes. Mark my words, Osweiler will start and he will be great.

But isn't it a bad idea to waste so many years of a talented quarterback on the bench? Heck no. What many people forget is that we signed this kid up when he was only 21. He came to us as a raw material, barely tarnished from previous coaches. His talent was inarguable but his decision making wasn't always the best. Well, so far he's had two years to learn a professional system under the tutelage of two hall of famers. There's no doubt that he's is being honed into a fine weapon.

And even if Manning sticks around for two more seasons like most of us expect, that would still only make Ice Water 25 when takes over. You know who else took over at 25? Aaron Rodgers. From the moment Elway made this draft pick, it looked like he was taking a page from Green Bay's book. So many teams draft a talented quarterback, throw them into their system and into live games and watch their careers crumble. Most quarterbacks can't handle that type of pressure -- at least not without a great team around them or the right coach to keep their spirits up. With the Green Bay model, you not only can draft your guy a bit lower after he comes into the draft early, but you can also build him up and prepare him for what he's about to face. It eliminates all possible risks and is as much of a guarantee on future success that can be made.

So don't let anyone tell you that Elway is building everything for Manning. Elway is building for the Broncos. These guys he's signing to our slobber-knocker defense of WareWolfes aren't being signed to one or two years. (Although their contracts are being written to where we can get rid of them that quickly if their not working out.) They're being signed to deals that will keep them here after Osweiler is the main man. We're not building Manning's dream team, we're building ANY quarterback's dream team. Unfortunately for all the other signal callers out there, Osweiler will be under center. And Elway is already focused on winning with him just as much as he is focused on winning right now.

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