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Denver Broncos are contenders now and after Peyton Manning - Horse Tracks

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Brock Osweiler will have no excuses

John Elway has built one of the best rosters in football, so Brock Osweiler will have no excuses for losing once Peyton Manning hangs up the cleats after this season or next. My fear is he will end up a Brian Griese instead of an Aaron Rodgers.

It's a two horse race in AFC

The only two teams doing anything to improve in 2014 have been the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos who coincidentally were the two best teams in the AFC in 2013 also.

Meanwhile, Deion Sanders can simply suck it. Hater.

Eating those delicious tears

Thank you MHR member Nbot for posting this gem in the comments of yesterday's Horse Tracks. Reddit is awesome, if not a maniacally negative place.

You got to play to win

Retweet this tweet below for your chance to win a pretty freaking awesome print of Mile High Stadium. I got one myself and its big enough to hang proudly in your living room and "artsy" enough for your non-Broncos fan wife to allow it! Unlike my Bronco helmet shaped neon light or gigantic fabric Broncos banner...

Horse Tracks

  • Well, I was going to share an article on the Denver Post about how the Broncos are still thin along the interior line, but apparently I need to pay to read so screw them. #dieprintmedia (Not sure why I hashtagged here, but it felt right. This rant felt twitterish.)
  • And besides, if Peter FREAKING King can offer unlimited free content, then so should you. That's right. I dropped the PK on you, DP.
  • Even the Boston Globe posted an article I can read and they liked the Patriots improvements, however, they admit that the Broncos are still superior.
  • Oh look, ESPN is also pushing out some free content to digest from Jeff Legwold. He covers the Broncos biggest needs and ironically enough, he didn't list any interior line positions. Imagine that.
  • Leggy also went into detail on how Denver did what did during the first week of free agency. Also free.
  • Andrew Mason covered the running back position yesterday. It certainly looks like the Broncos are set at that position even if they don't resign Knowshon Moreno.
  • The evil corporate SB Nation also posted a free to read article about all of the Day 6 moves in Free Agency. Looks like the Oakland Raiders are still a joke.
  • We'll wrap things up with a seething free article from Peter King about Roger Goodell's problem with the wrecking ball owner named Jim Irsay. I hear he likes Super Bowl rings, yet still only has one.