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Broncos free agency poll: Which was the best Broncos free agent signing?

Which new Bronco is the best new Bronco?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Broncos made a number of huge moves in free agency that had members of other fanbases whining, "Save some players for the rest of the league!" (Check today's Horse Tracks if you don't believe me).

So it's time to ask Broncos Country: Which was your favorite signing?

The Broncos signed safety T.J. Ward to a four-year deal. He's a young, Pro Bowl defender who adds a disciplined element to the Broncos' secondary.

They signed cornerback Aqib Talib to a six-year deal, replacing Champ Bailey with someone younger and just as physical. Talib isn't the dominant shutdown cornerback Bailey was in his prime, but he's more-than-decent; you could even argue he was better than the NFL's dominant shutdown corner in Darrelle Revis last year.

Defensive end DeMarcus Ware was the Broncos' headline-making move of the offseason. If it works out, he and Von Miller will terrorize opponents.

Finally, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was an addition the Broncos made to offset the loss of Eric Decker. Here's a guy with a lot of untapped potential - in fact, the Patriots almost spent a third round draft pick a year ago to pry him away from the Steelers.

I graded each of the Broncos' four big signings Tuesday, but those grades don't capture my excitement or favoritism toward a pick. I'm probably most excited about the potential of DeMarcus Ware in Denver. Maybe I'll even pick up his #94 jersey this offseason. But T.J. Ward, in my opinion, was the best signing the Broncos made in dollars, cents, X's and O's. I'm voting his way in the poll.

Let us know, Broncos Country: In your opinion, which was the best 2014 Broncos free agent signing?