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Denver Broncos could do better than Darrelle Revis, even with the extra salary cap room

I am a fan of Revis, but he would cost far too much at this point for the Broncos. Will John Elway pull the trigger anyway?
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Al Messerschmidt

Rumor Mill: Revis to Broncos?

With the clamor to dump Champ Bailey, the Denver Broncos have instantly become suitors for other big name cornerbacks around the league, specifically, Darrelle Revis. My question is, Why? Why would John Elway pay nearly double for Revis than for Champ Bailey? I believe a restructuring is coming for Bailey, because he wants to play another year and he wants another shot at the Super Bowl.

If the Broncos can restructure Champ down considerably, then there will be no need to cut him. They can focus on bringing back Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Chris Harris Jr. However, if Revis were to become a Bronco, I won't complain too loudly. The guy is still a stud. I just balk at the salary he would command, when other needs must be addressed.

Dream teams do not magically appear because a big name comes to town.

Salary Cap fun!

With the final NFL salary cap numbers in place, has an awesome salary cap calculator tool that one could literally spend hours manipulating and adjusting. I spent a good twenty minutes turning the Broncos into the Al Davis-run Oakland Raiders, so I gave up and went back to writing this post. In any case, this should keep many of you busy today!

My only gripe is that there was not an option to "restructure" a contract, so it came down to either extending Champ Bailey or cutting him. That said, I never got tired of cutting Ronnie Hillman, but that is just me being mean. He may have one more chance at redemption this Summer.

Plan B, not the pill

Yesterday was Quarterbacks day, which also happens to be our own Plan B topic. I was vocal in my support of picking up a guy like Brett Smith out of Wyoming, but mostly because I am not yet convinced Brock Osweiler is going to be successful in this league. That based solely on preseason tape and reports from training camp, so I am certainly not holding my opinion up as fact - just a feeling.

That said, I saw this post about Zac Dysert having the quickest velocity out of any quarterback at the NFL Combine since they started keeping track of that metric in 2008. However, the more important metric is decision making, which is plainly obvious when we look at the quarterbacks who Dysert shares the top marks with: Nick Foles (57 mph), Mark Sanchez (57 mph), Andy Dalton (56 mph), Cam Newton (56 mph), Joe Flacco (55 mph), Geno Smith (55 mph), Chad Henne (53 mph) and Christian Ponder (51 mph). It's like every other guy is a scrub, so who knows. Hopefully, we'll see more Dysert this preseason.

Safety Net required

One of the biggest needs the Broncos have is at the safety position, as they were consistently exposed in coverage and really let the back end of the defense down in key situations. Third down especially. Though the NFL Draft is certainly a possibility, there were several names of free agents profiled by Andrew Mason that I would be very happy to see in orange and blue. Actually, only three really interest me; Jarius Byrd, Donte Whitner and T.J. Ward.

Bottom of the Barrel

  • The NFL banning the N-word on the field could result in some serious loss of yardage and one writer is excited to see the word begin to be removed from our vocabulary entirely.
  • The Miami Dolphins are trying to shop Dion Jordan, but why? He had a terrible rookie season and was the third overall pick. What idiot would give up any draft pick for him?
  • The NFL is convinced watering down the playoffs will make the game better. All I have to say is that they are wrong. Just wait until a 6-10 team gets into the tournament ... it would be an embarrassment to the sport and to the team and fans of the 10 loss team to make it into the playoffs.
  • Last item of the day, MHR Radio is up for vote for Denver's best local podcast under the "Shopping & Services" category (lol). I know Ian and the podcast crew would appreciate a vote from you all. Have a great Sunday everyone and go Broncos!