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Six-Pack: Proposed NFL Rule Changes

Every season the NFL rules committee looks at proposed rule changes made by various teams. Here are some of the changes that have been suggested thus far.

Upon Further Review....

Instead of leaving an official on an island to determine the correct call, contact would be made with a central command center and the official would have the ability to confer with a 3rd party.

My take: I'm all for increasing accuracy while at the same time keeping the game moving.  I see this proposal as a means to help an official make tough calls while still maintaining a flow or speed to the game.

Raise it up

The New England Patriots proposed extending the goalposts an additional 5-feet vertically.

My take: There have been some close calls in NE where they have lost due to a judgement call on a FG.  Right now if a ball flies directly over one of the uprights, you are likely to see kick called "good."  For reference, Rich Karlis game winning kick in OT against the Browns would have hit the upright as opposed to sailing over it.

Patriots continue to hate kickers

They also proposed the idea of moving all kicked extra points the 25 yard line.  It would still be worth a point, while teams would still have the opportunity to go for 2 from the 2-yard line.

My take:  Would seriously devalue a position that is already grossly overpaid (sorry Matt Prater).

OK, they aren't the only ones

The Redskins proposed moving kickoffs to the 40-yard line.

My take: Let's just eliminate the kicker altogether!  In fact let's continue to marginalize special teams shall we?

Pass Interference at the LOS?

This was proposed by any team that 1) hates press man coverage 2) got burned last season by a Bronco WR screen/goaline pick route.

My Take:  Lame!


Another proposal looked at the idea of adding the amount of practice squad players a team can carry to 10 (from 8).  It would also allow more than one player per team to return to the roster from IR.  Not stopping there another proposal sked the NFL to take into consideration raising the number of gameday actives from 46-49.

My Take: Yes all 3!

If you could make a proposal for a rule change what would it be and why?