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NFL free agency QB buzz: Jets cut Sanchez, sign Vick; Raiders trade for Schaub

Addition by subtraction in New York and another questionable move in Oakland.

Oh, Oakland, thou art so silly.

Instead of waiting for the Houston Texans to release 32-year old quarterback Matt Schaub, the Oakland Raiders dealt a sixth-round pick to Houston in exchange for Schaub's $10 million 2014 salary. According to, Schaub is due $10M, $12.5M, and $14.5M over the next three seasons.

Schaub is coming off the worst year of his career in which he threw for 2,310 yards and 10 touchdowns with 14 interceptions and 21 sacks through eight games. Midway through the season, Schaub was benched in favor of rookie Case Keenum.

Schaub will be joining holdover Raiders quarterbacks Terrelle Pryor, Matt McGloin, and Trent Edwards in Oakland. Fans of the Silver and Black can only hope that Schaub is not this year's version of Matt Flynn. Last offseason, the Raiders sent two draft picks to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for Flynn, only to cut him a few months later in October.

Meanwhile in the AFC, the New York Jets have upgraded at the quarterback position, announcing the release of Mark Sanchez and signing of veteran Michael Vick. According to reports, Vick's one-year deal is worth $5 million.

The Jets' front office is insisting that Vick will "compete" and "push" second-year quarterback Geno Smith to step up his game, but it's hard to not imagine Vick starting for the Jets at some point next season. At the very least, Vick is a capable backup in New York.

One of Vick's top receivers will be former Denver Broncos receiver Eric Decker. You can connect the dots there.

In other free agency buzz, running back Knowshon Moreno left the Miami Dolphins facility without a contract on Friday, according to CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora. It seems unlikely that Moreno will return to Denver if he receives an offer elsewhere.

The Broncos will potentially face Schaub twice next season (once on the road and once at home) and Vick once (they will play the Jets on the road). Schaub will also see his old buddy, Joe Mays, now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, twice in 2014.