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Tweetastic: Moreno or CJ2K? How about DeSean? None of the above?

Welcome to another edition of Tweetastic! Responding to idiotic, humorous, and inquisitive tweets since 2013.

As my schedule will permit, I'd like to get back into the Tweetastic series I started last fall. For a chance to be included in the next Tweetastic post, hit me up on Twitter: @JonHeathNFL.

Now, for today's questions.

Is DeSean Jackson an option for Denver?

After signing Emmanuel Sanders, Denver's need for a play-making, kick-returning receiver has disappeared. But some, including MHR's Ian Henson, believe the team may still target Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson.

My take: It's not going to happen.

Jackson is due base salaries of $10.5M this season, $9.75M in 2015, and $8.25M in 2016, according to That's an outrageous price tag for a player that would not be featured in a Denver offense that already boasts of Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Sanders, and Julius Thomas (who are all under contract on bargain deals). Even if Denver were to trade for Jackson and restructure his contract, there would be little room for him on the roster.

With John Elway, of course, you never know what could happen. Just don't bet on Jackson coming to Denver.

Broncos should stay away from CJ2YPC

Bleacher Report ran an opinion piece on Saturday that claimed Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson "Must Land with Denver Broncos to Revitalize Career." Johnson is still under contract in Tennessee, but reports have emerged that the Titans are looking to move him and there have allegedly been teams interested in his services.

My take: Knowshon Moreno would be a better option.

In just six years in the NFL, Johnson has rushed 1,742 times. That's a lot of carries for a running back set to turn 29-years-old this season. Due a base salary of $8 million in 2014, Johnson hardly seems worth the price after rushing for just 3.9 yards per carry and six touchdowns in 2013.

If Denver wanted another back to push Montee Ball, they'd go with Moreno. That brings us to the next topic:

What's up with Moreno?

There have been mixed reports on Knowshon Moreno's offseason and Denver's plans for the 26-year-old free-agent running back. Moreno visited the Dolphins last week but left without a contract or another scheduled visit. That has led some to believe that he could ultimately wind up back in Denver.

That's an interesting theory, but the Denver Post keeps insisting that Denver has no interest in retaining Moreno.

Those reports, however, may not be accurate.

That may just be coach speak from Fox, and the reports from the 'Post may just be smokescreens from Denver in an effort to re-sign Moreno for less than he is asking for.

Let's consider for a moment Moreno's market. We know the Dolphins were at one point interested (and may remain interested), but will any other team pursue him? There's buzz on Twitter that the New England Patriots may come into the picture.

My take: There seems to be no substance to the Moreno-to-New England rumors, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the Patriots take a look at Knowshon. If that happens, it will increase his value, likely causing Denver to drop out of the bidding (if they are even planning to be among the bidders).

Moreno is the most curious case of the three players mentioned above. He would be the least surprising to land in Denver, but that doesn't mean it will happen. I'm just as curious about Moreno's status as the rest of you. Only time will tell.

Update: Scotty Payne wrote an update on the Moreno situation earlier today.

I want to bust the NFL's stupid bracket.

You've got to me kidding me, NFL. You ask fans to vote in a "Greatest Quarterback of All-Time" bracket and include third-year quarterbacks in the voting? That's asking for trolls.

Seriously, this bracket is worse than NFL Network's "Top 100" lists.

My take: The NFL botched this one.

What positions should Denver target in the draft?

Is middle linebacker Denver's biggest position of need? If so, should they draft one or go Best Player Available (BPA)? Here are some fan reactions:

My take: Denver can afford to go BPA, even if that player happens to be a quarterback.

Looks like Duke and Ward are friends again:

There was likely no drama between the two players, but after the Broncos signed T.J. Ward earlier this offseason, fellow defensive back Duke Ihenacho deactivated his Twitter account.

But that's not the end of the story!

My take: Now that's a happy ending.

That's all we have for this week, folks! Remember to hit me up on Twitter for a chance to be featured in the next edition of Tweetasticism.