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Elway Speaks

Here are some of the more interesting thoughts that came out of John Elway's meeting with Mike Klis.

Chasing the Patriots?

"We're chasing Lombardi"

Translation: When Brady starts wearing man-clothing, we'll start worrying about New England.

"Mentality-wise on defense we got better...Talib will bring that mentality. Ware brings some mentality. T.J. Ward is a physical guy. Not that we didn't have it before, but we had a lot of guys injured, too....And I think where we need that mentality, too, is we have to step up there on offense, too."

I love that the Broncos got nasty on defense but Elway is right. If the offense had shown a bit more toughness against Seattle things might have gone differently.


Ben Garland to LG?

"He's got that mentality you want...he's tough, he's strong and he's smart. Obviously, he's very inexperienced, but he's got a chance to come in and compete."

Translation: You need something to write about Klis, so why not throw you a bone by saying something outlandish like Ben Garland can start at LG.

Mark my words right now Broncos Country. If Ben Garland starts at LG for the Broncos in 2014, I will eat 20 lbs of wings with Rodney on a fan podcast.

Broncos stand pat at RB?

I think we've got good running backs...And I think it's time to take the training wheels off."

Translation: Montee Ball is your starter

What about Mike?

"Nate's a possibility, he's got a chance as does Stevie Johnson, but we'll continue to look at that position."

Translation: Those guys suck, we're going to draft Ryan Shazier #31 to be our play-making Mike LB.