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Denver Broncos fans should be on board with the rules changes towards replays - Horse Tracks

Denver Broncos fans should be happy with the replay adjustments as we will not longer be able to complain about being screwed over. As we all know our team has been unfairly targeted over and over and over again. Right?
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Officiate This, *****

The NFL apparently was seeing the same garbage we all were seeing during the regular season in 2013, which was total officiating incompetence. I think they largely cleaned it up by the playoffs - by some miracle that I am unaware of. However, it was plainly evident to us all that something needed to change and I think the NFL made the right call with this move. Provided they don't go all corrupt on us and start fixing games for ratings.../tin foil hat\.

If anything, it will lead to less of this while us fans are watching games this year...

John Fox deal next up

John Elway doesn't expect any issues getting Fox locked in long term.

I wouldn’t see any potential problems, bumps or anything like that. Both sides want to get something done. In the end it always comes down to the thing it always comes down to, but we’ll get to work on that pretty soon.

As a fan, I am not going to parrot the typical "he's too conservative" or even worse "he's an idiot" narratives. John Fox has proven he has an amazing ability to evolve as a coach. From Tim Tebow in 2011 to being too conservative with Peyton Manning in 2012 to being too aggressive with Peyton Manning in 2013. I think he corrects back towards the middle and next season could be his best coaching job yet. One could hope anyway!

Elway also spoke of other things in case you missed it...

Mark Cuban is Nostradamus

The NBA owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is apparently not a fan of the NFL. That doesn't matter though, because his prediction that the NFL will end up ruining their own sport within 10 years is likely accurate.

Based on how much Roger Goodell is trying to change the game in order to increase revenue tells me that the NFL has trapped itself in the endless desire for growth. I get why nations must always grow, because not growing would cripple the economy, however for the NFL, not growing means they are still the most dominate sport in America. Why risk ruining that with 18 games seasons or a 16 team playoff bracket?

Oh well, hopefully the Broncos will win a few more Super Bowls before that disaster happens!

Step aside Al Wilson

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found our next middle linebacker. Sorry Big Al, but this guy is going down as the greatest MLB in Broncos history. Yeehaw!

Horse Tracks

  • In case you were fretting that Elway was mortgaging the future to win now, think again. They could be free of all four of these recent contracts with little cap effect by 2016. #winning
  • Pat Bowlen has certainly entered semi-retirement with Elway and Joe Ellis leading the Broncos are the NFL meetings this week. He is a great owner and I hope he is enjoying his time healthy.
  • The Broncos will not be playing in the season opener. And I am okay with that.
  • Some of these proposed rules changes are just freaking dumb. How do the people who came up with these ideas even have jobs?
  • Like Tebow Time, Terrelle Pryor time is coming to an end. Unfortunately for Oakland Raiders fans, Pryor Time did not result in a Division Title or a playoff victory. Oh well...