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Von Miller likely to have fifth-year option picked up by Broncos

It appears that Miller will be a member of the Denver Broncos through 2015

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some more good news surrounding Von Miller. Earlier today CBS4's Vic Lombardi tweeted out that the Broncos Pro-Bowl pass rusher is "Way Ahead" of schedule in his ACL injury recovery, and now tonight according to the Denver Posts Mike Klis, the Denver Broncos are likely to pick up Von Millers fifth year option keeping him as a member of the Denver Broncos through 2015.

Here's some background on the fifth year option from

The 2011 CBA agreement limited all contracts to a period of four years, including those of first round draft picks. In previous CBA’s the standard contract length was five or six seasons for a first round pick. The make up for the difference every player drafted in the first round has an option year in his contract that allows a team to extend the term of the contract from four to five years.

The Denver Broncos have until May 3rd of this year to exercise the option on Miller.

Since Von Miller was a Top 10 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, his option will be equal to the calculated Transition tag for each position in 2014. Millers option will total a transition tag salary of $9.754 million in 2015. The option year is guaranteed against injury until the first day of the season, at which point it becomes fully guaranteed.

This is a good move for both sides. For the Broncos it gives them two full seasons of Miller before they have to decide whether or not to give him a long term term/big money contract. Miller has had multiple off the field issues recently, and is coming off a disappointing 2013 campaign which ended with him suffering a major ACL injury in week 16. So this gives the Broncos plenty of time to figure out whether or not to offer him another contract.

Another positive from this is that this locks up one of the big name Broncos who are due to enter Free Agency at the end of the 2014 season.

For Miller it gives him two seasons to fully recover from his ACL injury, and two seasons to prove that he really has matured, and put his off the field troubles behind him for good. If he proves both of these, and continues to dominate on the field, Miller will be due a big money contract in 2016.

The Broncos impressive offseason continues.

Go Broncos!