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Julius Thomas among players that won't be allowed to dunk in 2014 NFL season

The NFL will penalize players for dunking the football over the field goal crossbar this season, leaving Broncos tight end Julius Thomas without his signature touchdown celebration.

Dustin Bradford

The No Fun League is at it again, or so we've been told.

The NFL announced several rule changes on Tuesday, including the banning of dunking the football over the crossbar. Technically, it's not a rule change as using the football as a celebration prop was banned several years ago, the NFL just hasn't strictly enforced it.

Starting this season, officials will flag players for using props, including imitating a basketball dunk. We've also confirmed that fade-away jumpers will not be allowed, either.

It's not so much about using props as it is about player safety. The league is concerned that the field goal posts could topple over one of these times, putting players at risk. Don't believe that could happen? It almost did in 2013.

With all of that said, the updated rule has not been well-received by fans or players.

It may seem like a petty rule, but the NFL is serious about producing a faster game flow. Player safety aside, game delays to adjust the goalposts is considered a good enough reason to ban dunking.

It's not a popular rule change, but there are reasons for it.

Broncos tight end Julius Thomas was among the dunking offenders last season. The former Portland State basketball star will be penalized if he dunks again this fall.

What are your thoughts on the rule? Give us your take in the comments below!