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Wesley Woodyard says goodbye to Broncos, Denver

"It is (bittersweet). This has been my home for the last six seasons," Wesley Woodyard told FOX 31 KDVR Wednesday. Check the full interview here.

On if it's bittersweet

"It is. This has been my home for the last six seasons, and it's sad to see me leave myself. I'm going to miss Denver. We have some great fans here."

On if it's harder coming off the Super Bowl loss

"That's always tough knowing you had that Super Bowl run kind of team. Most importantly it's always tough to leave your teammates. Guys you've grown with for years. I'm really sad to see myself and DT not being able to spend a little time on the roadtrips like we used to do."

On if he was surprised the Broncos didn't make him a contract offer

"It was a bit surprising being a captain here for six years. Like you said, it's part of the business. I'm happy with the situation I'm in now. I'm thankful and grateful for the opportunity."

On Denver next year

"They have a good team built up. Peyton's going to be a great leader. (I'm) looking for Danny Trevathan to step up and be that leader on that defense."

"(I'm) looking for Danny Trevathan to step up and be that leader on that defense." -Wesley Woodyard

On his 16 Ways Foundation's future in Denver. (Woodyard's 16 Ways Foundation works with at-risk youth as well as adults, promoting education, self-esteem, and professional development).

"It's going to also travel to Tennessee as well. But we're not leaving the city of Denver. This community is my home. We have a football camp coming up in May and a toy drive, our fifth annual toy drive, so we're not going to leave Denver."

On how to get involved

"Follow my organization on Twitter, it's 16 Ways Foundation (@16ways). If you want to volunteer or help, just ask; we'll find something for you to do."

On what he'll miss most about the city of Denver

"The sun. And definitely seeing the mountains every day. It's a beautiful change of scenery every day."

More Woodyard

Woodyard also visited with the Denver Post's Press Box on Tuesday and admitted Jack Del Rio's benching of Woodyard "rubbed (him) the wrong way." Be sure to check that out.

Farewell, Wes

Wesley Woodyard was one of the good guys. Thanks for 87 games, 434 tackles, eight sacks and five interceptions in Denver Wesley. Most importantly, thanks for six seasons as a Broncos captain. Best of luck in Tennessee!