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Horse Tracks: New NFL Rule Changes Announced

Good Morning Broncos Country!
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1. 2014 NFL Rule Changes:

Here's a handy graphic explaining your 2014 NFL rule changes voted on by the owners.

1. The Patriots proposal to extend the goal posts five feet has passed.

Lets just call it the Bill Belichick rule.

2. The "NaVorro Bowman Rule" was passed. That allows the officials to make the recovery of a loose ball in the field of play a reviewable call.

The rule was passed because 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman clearly recovered a fumble, but the play was considered un-reviewable at the time.

3. The game clock will now continue after a quarterback sack outside of two minutes.

4. Centralized replay system

NFL referees can consult with members of the NFL officiating department during replay reviews wirelessly. This is intended to help with both speed and accuracy of official reviews.

"We expect it to speed up the process and be more efficient for us," NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino said. "We can communicate with the referee immediately as soon as he’s done making his announcement, we can start that conversation as to what we’re going to look at and what he is going to see. There isn’t that delay of getting over to the monitor, putting the headset on and having a 45 second discussion. We think it will be more efficient, accurate and consistent."

5. Dunking the ball over the goalposts as a celebration will be a penalty

The NFL also tabled five other possible rule changes.

  1. The abolition of overtime in the preseason was tabled until May.
  2. The idea to expand the practice squad from eight to ten players was also tabled. The same goes for expanding rosters for Thursday night games to 49 from 46.
  3. Expanding the practice squad from eight to 10 players.
  4. Allowing teams to open their roof during halftime at games for weather reasons.
  5. Adding cameras to all goal lines, sidelines and end lines to help ensure better angles for replay reviews.

2. Jared Allen signs with the Chicago Bears

When Free Agency kicked off, the Broncos were reportedly the favorites to land his services, and there was even rumors he was visiting the Broncos. Talks ultimately broke down, and the Broncos moved on to recently released DeMarcus Ware, and ended up signing the veteran.

There was rumors that the Seahawks agreed to terms with Allen, but those reports obviously appear to be wrong. I'm personally glad he did not end up on the Seahawks, or any of the AFC Contenders.

3. Vote for Elway, and the Broncos logo:

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson somehow defeated Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning in the Greatest QB of All-Time bracket challenge, but the Broncos still have one Quarterback remaining on the list.

Vote Elway!

Also the Broncos logo is going up against the Baltimore Ravens logo in another bracket challenge.

Which logo do you think is better? The Broncos or the Ravens?

Horse Tracks:

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  • The Broncos are still open to signing running back Knowshon Moreno and linebacker/defensive end Shaun Phillips, but only as backups
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met the media at the conclusion of the NFL annual meetings, and provides you with some notable topics covered by Goodell.
  • Jim Harbaugh is "disturbed" by the Patriots and Broncos.
Go Broncos!