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Jim Harbaugh ponders Super Bowl matchup vs. Broncos

Leave it to the brother that doesn't have a Super Bowl ring to ponder the "what ifs?"

Ezra Shaw

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was asked about Super Bowl 48 and more specifically if he had thought at all about being in the game and facing the Denver Broncos after seeing the dominance displayed by bitter rival Seattle. His response?

"Uhh, yeah...I've had those thoughts. I've laid awake at night and had those thoughts, sure."

You don't have to be a Swami to realize that Harbaugh thinks his team would have hoisted the Lombardi had they advanced to the Super Bowl.

Well guess what Jim? I lay awake at night wondering about things myself.

- How would a SF front 7 sans NoVorro Bowman bottled up a decent Broncos running attack let alone managed to cover Wes Welker and Julius Thomas over the middle? In real time, after watching that injury, my first thought was "SF Yum Yum."

- How would an inferior pass rush (in comparison to Seattle) fare against our OL?

- How would rookie FS Eric Reid be manipulated by Peyton Manning?

- How does it feel to be the only Harbaugh brother in the family without a Super Bowl ring?

- Do you have to take out the trash at family gatherings throughout the year having lost the Super Bowl to your brother?

The Broncos were beaten by the better team, though you play that game 100 times and that blowout outcome is just as likely as a Bronco blowout. But had we faced the 49ers, there is no doubt in my mind that the Broncos would have come out victorious in just their 2nd season with Peyton Manning, hoisting the Lombardi for the 3rd time in team history.

What do you think MHR? Should Harbaugh be careful what he dreams for?