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Are the Denver Broncos stronger at running back than anyone thinks? - Horse Tracks

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Ballin' for 6.5 YPC

Montee Ball is no slouch at running back, especially over the final six weeks of the 2013 season. I recalled he came on strong late in the season, but I had no idea he was this strong. That is a good thing, since Knowshon Moreno is no longer with the Denver Broncos, having signed with the Miami Dolphins this week.

Elway Now Focused on Draft

John Elway spoke of the big board and draft preparation yesterday. More importantly, he identified how great he feels knowing he can go into this years' draft totally focused on picking up the best players available rather than reaching for needs. The roster certainly speaks for itself.

Time to fire up this awesome draft simulation tool again. I hear the have a premium section that allow trades and other cool things, but I have not yet giving it a shot.

Mile High Stadium Art Winner Announced

In case you missed it, someone won this awesome drawing of Mile High Stadium. I have my own and if you want to gift a friend or family member something, this would definitely be well received. My in-laws are San Francisco Giants fans and I think we're going to end up picking up AT&T Park for them. Beats the usual kitchen towels gift anyway...

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