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DeSean Jackson rumors: The rest of the AFC West all want DeSean Jackson

Could the Broncos be facing DeSean Jackson twice a year? The Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers have either been linked to or have fan interest in DeSean Jackson, recently released from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have had a busy offseason, but there's no link between them and recently released Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson. First off, the Broncos only have about $7 million left in cap, and it would cost more than that to land Jackson, one of the NFL's most explosive big-play receivers.

Second, they just signed WR Emmanuel Sanders, a player in the same mold (5-11, 180) as the 5-10, 175-lbs. Jackson. Even though Jackson is more productive than Sanders, there isn't a football need there. Football-wise and schematically, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have three small wide receivers out on the field in Wes Welker, Sanders, and Jackson.

Third, now that the Broncos have completed making big moves to improve their defense in the short term, their next point of focus has to be toward the long-term. Both Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas are set to become unrestricted free agents after this season, and the Broncos need to adjust their financial attention to locking these playmakers down before adding another Pro Bowl pass-catcher.

That being said, John Elway is one of the most aggressive and shrewdest General Managers in the NFL. If he decides a player is worth it, there's little that will keep him from landing him in Denver.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are one of the favorite teams to land DeSean Jackson, according to reports. There is mutual interest between Jackson and the Raiders, as Jackson grew up in the L.A. area, was a long-time Raiders fan, and still lives in California during the offseason.

Jackson is coming off a Pro Bowl year in which he caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns, and the Raiders didn't have a player who came close to that in 2013. Rod Streater had 888 yards and four touchdowns, while Denarius Moore had 695 yards and five touchdowns. Put them together, combined, and you get about Jackson's production. The three-time Pro Bowler would be a big addition in Oakland - far more potent than the additions of Matt Schaub and Maurice Jones-Drew, who both are years removed from their best seasons.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs were one of the most hotly connected teams to the former Eagles wide receiver within 24 hours of his release, as Chiefs coach Andy Reid was the man who brought Jackson into Philadelphia in the first place. Fan interest was hot as well; Joel Thornan at Arrowhead Pride made a strong argument for Kansas City to pursue Jackson

Those rumors have cooled, however, and according to reports, the Chiefs are no longer pursuing Jackson at all, much to the dismay of Chiefs fans.

San Diego Chargers

There haven't been any reports of the Chargers being interested in DeSean Jackson, but San Diego fans certainly are. John Gennaro of SB Nation's Bolts from the Blue makes a compelling case for Jackson, dispelling his gang affiliation rumors and claiming he is exactly the playmaker the Chargers are looking for.

This isn't a reckless move. This isn't a move to win right now, this year, that will cripple the team in the near future. This is a solid player signing a solid contract that he will likely live up to for 4 or the full 5 years.

I'll be honest; Jackson in San Diego is a dangerous proposition. Pairing Jackson with Keenan Allen, with Philip Rivers delivering the footblal, would make Chargers nearly as dangerous offensively as our own Denver Broncos. Here's hoping Jackson's link to San Diego remains purely fan-driven.

What's next for DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson's first visit is with the Washington Redskins Monday, making them the co-favorites with Oakland to land Jackson. It's unlikely Jackson will remain a free agent very long.