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Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is now $20 million richer

That's right, good ole Peyton Manning has passed his annual physical and is now going to make a truck load of money for the 2014 season. I must say, this pleases me very much!
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Jeff Zelevansky

Show me the money!

Yes sir! Would you like one or two dump trucks filled with $100 dollar bills? I jest, but only because Peyton Manning is worth every freaking penny of those two dump trucks of cash. Having cleared his annual physical, Manning will collect about $17.5 million in guaranteed cash money for the 2014 season. Best $20 million John Elway will spend this year as well. Why you ask? I can think of at least 100 reasons right here:

Jackson moves along

Word is, D'Qwell Jackson was impressed with the Denver Broncos, but not ready to sign. My guess is, John Elway wasn't willing to bet the farm on him and Jackson is going to go look for a better offer elsewhere. It was an interesting possibility while it lasted, so best of luck to you sir!

Sherman has a point

I hate to admit this, but Richard Sherman has a point when it comes to penalizing the use of the N-word on the field of play. I'll skip the lame hyperbolic comment he made about the new rule almost being racist and get to the part where he makes a valid point. Among African Americans, the use of the N-word ending with "-a" has a completely different connotation than the use of the N-word ending with "-er" and I suppose I could buy it.

The only point of contention, I suppose, would be the argument that a white man using either term would be construed as racist. Therefore, there cannot be a double standard here. If its racist its racist. If it has a negative connotation in one case, it must be that way in all cases. This is how law works. There cannot be special exemptions or special cases, because that is how we ended up with discrimination in the first place!

For that reason, Sherman has a point, but his point is moot in the face of common sense. A point hammered home by Harry Carson in the same article when he pointed out that anyone who uses either term has very little sense of history. I wholeheartedly agree, plus it makes me feel better to oppose anything Richard Sherman says, so there is that at play also.

It's an interesting discussion to say the least, even if it does involve a word I don't even use.

Saying goodbye to Jim Trotter

I'm not too fond of many writers out in the mainstream arena, but I've always liked Jim Trotter. Apparently, Sports Illustrated is having some budget issue and let him go. Hopefully, I'll see him end up somewhere soon.

Tampa Bay ... No.

I saw the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform and I just laughed out loud. What is wrong with owners? Stop listening to designers, they are always to focused on breaking new ground to really understand what the masses want. Reign them in, muddle their designs, change color schemes. Basically, annoy the crap out of them until they conform to exactly what the people want - a good design for today, not tomorrow.

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