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Champ Bailey's Broncos release: Reactions from around Broncos Country

Champ Bailey is set to be released by the Denver Broncos, and here's how Twitter and other parts of the Internet reacted.

Kevin C. Cox

Broncos Players



Ken Termin:

Damn! Gonna miss you Champ! Wish you could have gone out on top!

nenes soft as bag o feathers

This is when the business really sucks.
Always going to respect champ. He was classy even when he could have shown otherwise. Hope he leaves in good terms and has an option to come back. Love the guy. The pick against New Orleans in the end zone is still one of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen anyone make.

Skotty Payne:

I'm glad to see this
Love Champ and what he did and meant to this Franchise, but it’s time to move on.

Combat Chuk

Saw this coming
I'll always remember his 99 yard Int return in the 2006 Playoffs. He was one of the best. I wish him well and expect to see him in the Hall of Fame/Ring of Fame.

James Singleton:

Thank you Mr. Bailey. You've been one of the consistent bright shining stars on this football team during the dark days of this last decade. I'm sorry we couldn't get you that ring this year.

Neil Bergin:

A sad day. Thanks for everything, Champ. First ballot hall of famer, no doubt.


How did you react to the news?