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The Denver Broncos releasing Champ Bailey hurts this fan's heart, but it is already time to move on

John Elway apparently has little use for players who have down years or who don't play up to their contract. I'm looking at you Von Miller. Two beastly years and an average one just won't cut it here in Denver.
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I hate letting go of the greats

When true Denver Broncos greats either retire, get traded or straight up cut, it hurts me to the core as a fan. I understand its a business and the business is winning, so the front office has to do what they have to do.

Up until 1998, I didn't truly appreciate this aspect of football, but once John Elway retired, Steve Atwater axed and Shannon Sharpe shipped off I began to celebrate my favorite longtime Broncos much more. Champ Bailey deserves to be among those names and though I think not even trying to retain his services was a mistake, I understand the decision and its already time to move on.

I don't hate letting go fumblers

Trindon Holliday is not going to be a Denver Bronco in 2014 and I am pretty much okay with that. I loved his enthusiasm for the game, but I hated his terrible football acumen. Add that to the fumbles and I was done with him very early into the 2013 season. Best of luck to you, sir!

Flush with cash and cap

Parting ways with Champ Bailey certainly did one thing for the Broncos - opened up some spending capital. They are not quite on par with the Oakland Raiders, who seem content fielding terrible football teams in order to make a profit, but they do rank pretty high in cap space at $28,750,000 or so.

How to draft without darts busted out a great piece diving into the NFL scouting process that is well worth the read. At first, the article gave me visions of the movie Moneyball when all of the scouts were a bunch of know-it-alls who really didn't know anything. However, I then started reading it.

My biggest takeaway was the two opposing schools of thought. One involves scouts all getting together with the general manager and reviewing tape and prospects as a group, while the other things that's the dumbest way to run a franchise. Sorry Baltimore, but the group think teams seem to be doing a better job at talent evaluation given the teams involved with that model are the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. They made no mention of the Denver Broncos, but everything Elway has said points towards group discussions.

The entire post is pure gold for us hardcore fans.

Bottom of the Barrel - yeah, I said it.

  • Elway and Fox provide their remarks on Champ's release, which I wanted to avoid watching, but didn't. Lindsay Jones provided her input on his release as well.
  • One Denver Post reader wondered if the Broncos should consider shopping Von Miller for a trade, which was promptly shut down by Mike Klis. I think its premature to consider trading Miller right now, but he is one violation away from a yearlong suspension. His contract had better be loaded with conditions if the Broncos do resign the guy long term.
  • Todd McShay thinks the Broncos need an edge pass-rusher, mocking Kony Ealy from Missouri in the first round. I still think inside linebacker is the Broncos most pressing need still.
  • Say no to D'Qwell Jackson as he is now with the Indianapolis Colts.