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Did Elway lose some credibility with the Champ Bailey situation?

A few days removed from a very emotional departure of Champ Bailey, one of the greatest Broncos of all time, we have to revisit the words of John Elway himself.

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Garrett Ellwood

Shortly after the embarrassing loss to Seattle in Super Bowl 48, Elway had this to say about Champ Bailey:

"We're still in the process of talking about that and seeing what we're going to do there," Elway said. "I'm going to sit down with Champ, first of all, and find out what he wants to do, and go from there."

Yet after this past week when Champ was cut, word leaked out that there in fact had been no face to face meeting between Elway and Champ Bailey to discuss the corner's possible future in Denver.

Bailey said the Broncos did not offer him a pay cut. He was set to earn a $1 million bonus if he was on the roster March 15.

Bailey met with executive vice president John Elway and coach John Fox to be informed of his pending release, which became official Thursday.

With all you know about the situation, it stinks all around.

Fact: Champ wasn't worth 10 million per season

Fact: The right move was to cut Champ and save the money

Fact: Elway should have spoken to Champ before hand even if he knew which way the Broncos would be going

Fact: Elway looks (at the very least) to be lacking of respect of an all time great, (and at the worst) a flat out liar.

With free agency looming, one of the greatest things the Broncos always had going for them was John Elway, and lately the fact that this team is a perennial Super Bowl Contender. I tell you that after losing the super bowl in embarrassing fashion, no one wants to be part of that. I don't even want to be a part of it. Couple that with how a visiting FA sees how a GOAT is treated by the front office (certainly not befitting his dedication, production, and loyalty to the team) and you have no more edge in FA.

It's all about the green baby. I love when the team can get favorable deals because it is good for the team. 2014 or 2015 are not going to be them years. If I were John Elway and the FO I'd be very careful in following through with my words in the future because this is not the first time that red flags have popped up in regards to what has been said in different negotiations or situations.

For someone whom it took almost his entire career to taste the brass ring. For someone who was given as many chances, opportunities, and seasons as Elway, shame on him for not being able to muster at least a shred of loyalty when dealing with Champ. You didn't have to keep him on the team, but you should have treated this situation a bit differently. Champ is not just another Tim Tebow. Maybe he didn't have what it took to compete in your vision of the roster, but you should have honored his past more reverently. These are your words when you resigned him in 2011, did you forget what his contributions have meant in the face of a team-wide embarrassment?

"The commitment and loyalty that Champ has shown to the Broncos, the city of Denver and this region is exemplary,"

We all know you are loyal to the Denver Broncos Mr. Elway. We know you're doing your best. But as you should know by now, that also means doing your best when it comes to allowing a person their dignity at the end of long partnership. Imagine if Pat Bowlen had treated you similarly after losing to Jacksonville in 96?

I'm not 100% sure if this situation will ward off potential free agent names. I know it would give me pause. What I'm saying is that the illusion of a discount for a Super Bowl run is no longer valid. Super Bowl 48 killed that. The illusion of playing for honor is also gone, John Elway cutting Champ the way he did certainly pokes holes in that theory.

In the end it's all about the green. Glad we have some fat stacks, that is all our name is worth at the moment.