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In an excellent move, Troy Renck is joining the Broncos beat at the Denver Post

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The Denver Post's longtime Rockies beat writer is making the move to football on April 14th.

The Denver Post's Troy Renck, left, and Woody Paige speak with Kevin Costner during Super Bowl media week in New York.
The Denver Post's Troy Renck, left, and Woody Paige speak with Kevin Costner during Super Bowl media week in New York.


The Denver Post has had a hard time keeping its Broncos beat staffed of late. Lindsay Jones, Jeff Legwold, and Joan Niesen have all left the paper over the past two years to pursue national opportunities - even as one might consider covering the Broncos in the Peyton Manning era a national beat anyway. Mike Klis has held down the fort well on his own, but those departures still left the Broncos beat - perhaps the Denver Post's most important component - open for a complement to Klis.

Now the Post believes they've found it, and I do too, in longtime Rockies beat writer Troy Renck, who has announced he will end his 12-year Rockies run and begin covering the Broncos with Klis starting April 14.

"The plan is to attack the coverage differently, using our experience as lead reporters," Renck writes. "I will write the nuts and bolts, features, commentaries, while getting caught up to speed on the news that Klis breaks with frequency. We believe we can complement each other well, especially since I have an addiction to Twitter and enjoy feeding the social media monster."

Renck's social media mettle has me excited; as a Rockies fan, I've followed him on Twitter at @TroyRenck for many years. He's a natural at bringing insight and entertainment in 140 character snippets, something Klis hasn't been able to do.

In larger word doses, I'm excited to see Renck's baseball coverage translate to the football field. Renck has a way of painting a picture with his words, yet he cuts through the fluff to get to the point and provide the meat of the story without getting distracted. Just read his story on Colorado's 1-10 opening day loss to the Marlins, and see how, in four sentences, Renck juxtaposes the sky-high hope of a new season with the disappointment of a 10-1 reality. Honest, to-the-point, but still able entertain, Renck is a promising addition to the Broncos beat.

Hopefully he's one who will stick around beyond 2014.

"As someone who has lived in Colorado for four decades, I know the Broncos are the state religion," Renck continued. "I will do my best to make you think, make you smile, make you mad, and hopefully, make you want to read."

That's all we can ask. We're looking forward to Renck's Broncos contributions, starting in two weeks.