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Denver Broncos draft interest focused around skill positions - Horse Tracks

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Who is John Elway Scouting?

We at MHR updated our draft interests tracker yesterday. So far, a majority of the interest has been at the skill positions, with wide receiver leading the way.  Interestingly enough the Denver Broncos have also been scouting late round quarterback prospects as well.

Other than that, the offensive line looks as if they'll be getting some attention on Day 3. Also noteworthy is only two players have multiple sources of interest. Brett Smith out of Wyoming and Jeff Janis from Saginaw Valley. I'd be happy with either one of those guys!

Show Me The Money!

The mothership is pounding out some some fantastic articles lately, many centered around things we all hear about yet rarely know much about. This week its "Bag Men" in College Football.

This was a fascinating insight into the secret world of buying college athlete's. I'm not a fan of Unionizing the players, but I am a fan of Universities being allowed to sign high school players to football contracts. The scholarship would be part of it, but so would an annual salary. Universities obviously hate this idea because they want to keep all of the money for themselves, but aren't college professors supposed to be all about fairness?

Pay 'em you stingy bastards!

@snakestakes tossing us a handball

That's right Broncos fans, Jake Plummer finally got himself a Twitter account. Go give him a follow if you appreciate the good ole days before the upheaval of the Cutler/McD/Tebow era.

Horse Tracks

  • Mike Klis suggests that Peyton Manning will be around longer than Brock Osweiler, but I do think that is a bit premature. It sparks a debate though and its still early in the month, so I can actually read the freaking thing.
  • Speaking of Josh McDaniels, Jeff Legwold believes the Broncos are still feeling the pain from McDaniels' two drafts from 2009 and 2010. I think Demaryius Thomas alone makes those drafts a success, but only because Tim Tebow brought Peyton Manning, while Eric Decker and Knowshon Moreno helped us get to a Super Bowl.
  • Andrew Mason looks into which offensive linemen in the draft would be a good fit in Denver. I always enjoy his work.
  • To all my San Francisco 49ers friends and family, Ha Ha.  Nevermind the concerns of a possible sexual assault since from the reports it doesn't appear that there is enough evidence, but rather the bong hitting. Apparently, the NFL doesn't drug test to often for that. Still, do you want your quarterback stoned when he is studying the playbook?  (laugh out loud!)