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Denver Broncos players voluntarily working their butts off for playing time - Horse Tracks

Voluntary workouts are not mandatory, unless that is you really care about your future in the NFL. It's hard not to root for a guy like Duke Ihenacho who puts in the work.
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Ronald Martinez

Voluntarily Working Hard

Duke Ihenacho is busting his tail when its voluntary in the hopes for playing time once its becomes mandatory. As a fan, it makes it hard not to root for the guy, but it does look like he will be more depth than starter this year. That doesn't mean he won't see the field though!

2014 NFL Draft - Add to Calendar

SB Nation is rolling live on Draft night, which is pretty awesome since we're all SB Nation readers/contributors.  It's become a bit of an annual tradition for me to take afternoons off on draft days to cover the event here on MHR, which means I've already put my time off request in.  I. Can. Not. Wait.

Mockity Mock Mock

Big Blue View is running a community mock draft on their website and with the 31st pick they mocked linebacker out of Ohio State, Ryan Shazier.

I will overlook the fans description where he lamented the Denver Broncos "aging" offensive line, which I'm not sure what he is talking about. Is anyone even over the age of 30 starting for the Broncos offensive line right now? Anyway, the pick was Shazier, which he had this to say about:

Despite concerns in some quarters about his size, Shazier has the production (143 tackles, including 22.5 for loss last year), speed (4.36) and intangibles to be among the safest and best three-down linebacker in the draft. The Ohio State product is great in coverage, hits with power, is a sure tackler, and can rush the passer effectively when asked. His value at 31 may very well turn out to be the steal of this very deep draft.

Meanwhile, with the 32nd Pick

Seattle Seahawks fans apparently have legalized more than just marijuana use.

I kid, I kid. This guy is actually a co-worker of mine who just got dumped by his now ex-girlfriend. I can't imagine why! He's actually a pretty funny dude and I'm only making fun of him because, well, did you watch the video?  Yikes!

I'm hoping to get him to do one for "I'm Too Sexy", so I've got something for Draft day to use. Yes!

Horse Tracks

  • Whatever angst I may have held towards John Fox for his Super Bowl debacle evaporated when he asked Mark Kizsla if he should remove a sword from the room in case either one of them were tempted to use it.
  • Peter King hammered away with Draft news in yesterday's MMQB.
  • CBS Sports believes the biggest needs on the team are guard, inside linebacker, cornerback, defensive end and wide receiver. I tend to agree there.
  • Here is a solid NFL Draft preview for the defensive tackle position.
  • Von Miller's charity has some goings on you may be interested in.