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Horse Tracks: Ball is the man in Denver

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Christian Petersen

Manning had confidence in Ball:

Peyton Manning spoke Wednesday, and when Manning speaks all of Broncos Country listens. Manning had a few things to say about Broncos second year running back Montee Ball.

"There is no question with the loss of Knowshon [Moreno] -- who was just nothing short of awesome for us this past year and was a great teammate -- that Montee is going to have more responsibilities, and I think he will answer that challenge," Manning said. "I think he has the work ethic, I think he has the mental capabilities to handle the workload and I look forward to having a full offseason with him."

The Broncos have been saying all along that Montee Ball is the starting running back in 2014, but actions always speak louder then words. The Broncos have shown no interest at all at any of the Free Agent running backs this off-season. This shows that they have confidence that Ball can be the man for the Broncos in 2014. They did say similar things last off-season about Hillman and Ball so time will tell if their confidence equals results on the field.

Scott Crichton visited the Broncos on Wednesday:

Crichton could be an option for the Broncos in the first round or second round of the draft. Crichton fits the mold of a John Elway draft pick. He has three solid years of production, he's a team leader, he has no off the field issues, and he has a high motor.

I'll have a scouting report posted on Crichton soon.

Check out every prospect who the Broncos have shown interest in here at our Draft Interest Tracker.

Safety T.J Ward expects Broncos defense to "Make A Statement":

New Denver Broncos strong safety T.J Ward had some interesting things to say that will probably win a lot of Broncos fans over.

"I know I can speak for everybody on the defensive side of the ball when I say we're going to make a statement from point go, from the first preseason game,"

"From then on, teams can know what they're up against and know what to expect week-in and week-out. They don't have to just worry about the offense no more."

"As good as the Broncos offense was last year, you see what happens when you get put up against a stout defense and an offense that can pretty much manage and make some plays here and there," said Ward, who spent his first four NFL seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

"We're sending a message right now that we're coming in not only trying to be one of the top offenses in the league, but one of the top defenses in the world and get that Super Bowl ring."

These are the type of things I love to hear from our players.

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