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Report: Saban never met with Gase, Manning simultaneously

After Pro Football Talk inquired about the "meeting" between Saban, Manning, and Gase earlier today, Mike Klis has some new information that should squash all talk about there being any CBA violations.

Chris Graythen

There you have it.  Hours after Klis regurgitated what had been put out there by other sources, he finally used his crafty Batman powers and connections to get to the meat to the story.  For that I say Bravo sir!

The original story wasn't a total waste however, it lured MHR resident badass Jeremy Bolander back into the grid to provide this gem about why Peyton could have been visiting Alabama in the first place:


Coming up this next week I'll dive into this a little bit and pour over some of the Super Bowl film to make more sense of it.....or Jeremy could write a fanpost himself, that is if he's not to old to operate the editor these days.....yes Mr. Bolander, the gauntlet has been thrown....will you answer? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Go Broncos

Go Jeremiah Johnson!