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Broncos offensive lineman Orlando Franklin clears the air on "pissed" off tweet

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After tweeting that he was "pissed off" and that "it just became personal" last weekend, Broncos offensive lineman cleared the air on Wednesday.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Last weekend, Denver Broncos offensive tackle Orlando Franklin tweeted that he was "pissed" and "taking it personal" without explaining why he was so angry. The tweet was promptly deleted, but not before MHR obtained a screenshot. We ran a story about the situation on Tuesday; the consensus seems to be that Franklin was upset about being asked to change positions.

Since then, the story has taken off in the blogosphere and on local sports talk radio stations—ESPN Denver and Mile High Sports were among the outlets that picked up on the buzz. Franklin's tweet quickly became a hot topic.

On Wednesday, Franklin took to Twitter again to "clarify" what's going on:

Twitter Fam – A few of you have asked about some recent tweets, so I wanted to take a second to clarify. I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Broncos and will compete to help this team however/wherever I can!! I know I didn’t have my best game in the Super Bowl, but I’m committed to putting in the work to get better. Also, one thing I’ve learned with social media is that you have to ignore the noise sometimes and not let it get the best of you!! Looking forward to joining my teammates for the start of workouts in a few weeks. #BroncosCountry

Franklin never really "clarified" what the original tweet was about, but the fact that he mentioned helping the team "wherever" he can seemingly confirms a position switch. With left tackle Ryan Clady scheduled to return this season, the Broncos are expected to move Chris Clark (who played left tackle when Clady was injured) to right tackle and switch Franklin to guard.

Franklin, presumably, was not happy about the news (and the salary implications) and vented his frustration on Twitter. After much backlash, Franklin's follow-up tweets today have cleared the air—he's happy to be a Bronco.

With John Elway working his magic upstairs and Peyton Manning leading the offensive charge, there's little reason not to be happy in Denver. The Broncos are in good hands and Franklin knows it.

All is well at Dove Valley again.