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John Elway's tenure through a series of Braveheart clips

Sometimes I have these crazy ideas that I normally don't pursue any further than the "that would be cool" phase. However, melding one of my favorite movies of all-time with my favorite sports icon of all-time was one that I just couldn't let go of.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

John Elway has had his fair share of ups and downs with the Denver Broncos since he took the reigns in 2011 and I am fairly certain I can sum his three plus year stint in Denver as Vice President of Football Operations pretty well through William Wallace and the movie Braveheart.

Let's get started, shall we?

January 5, 2011: John Elway was named head of Football Operations

The announcement ends a 13 year stint of retirement from the National Football League. His return to Denver was something of legends for us Broncomaniacs. We were all on cloud nine.

Winter 2011: John Elway examines the roster

And a little Irish man let's him know what everyone else already knows. It's screwed.

Spring 2011: John Elway blows it up!

What else can you do with a defunct roster than burn it and rebuild. Elway dominates it.

Fall 2011: Elway pisses off Tebowmania

Tebow fans promptly gloat when Tim Tebow starts winning football games that Kyle Orton was losing. They do so by collectively mooning Elway. Wait, they didn't do that? I swear they did... maybe it was just me then.

January 2012: Elway loses mind after Broncos win playoff game

Even John Elway couldn't contain his excitement over the 8-8 Broncos home victory over the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card round. And it really was a bloody mess of a season if you think about it!

March 2012: Elway finds freedom from Tebow via Peyton Manning

The Sheriff comes to town and Elway does everything he can to ensure Tebow Time never plays in Denver again.

March 2012: Elway visits Tebow to talk about his future with the Denver Broncos

It doesn't go well. Tebowmaniac's try to save their master, but Elway escapes like the fox he is.

Summer 2012: Bronco fans who loved Tebow meet the rest of Broncos Country

It does go well. Tebowmaniacs are disappointed. Broncos Country united for first time since Jake Plummer was quarterback.

Fall 2012: Elway takes his team to elite status, declares war on AFC

Tom Brady cries.

Summer 2013: Elway's inspired speech after a preseason drubbing against the Seattle Seahawks

It lasted all the way until Falkirk(Super Bowl).

February 2014: Elway betrayed by his coach and team

Broncomaniacs are still pissed about it. Even great generals suffer catastrophic defeats every now and then.

March 2014: John Fox vows to never be on the wrong side again

And he gets to prove it.

Someday in the future after Peyton Manning retires and after he wins a Super Bowl

With Elway standing proudly behind the scenes, John Fox calls to arms in the post-Manning era.