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Horse Tracks: It begins

43-8 is officially meaningless.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Yes it will remain in the back of minds of Broncos fans everywhere. But no longer will that fateful day in February carry any weight. Today the 2014 Denver Broncos will begin their trek towards Super Bowl XLIX. Today the march towards a new goal will commence, and with it brings an entirely new team with it's own identity to be forged. The 2014 Denver Broncos will start to take shape during offseason workouts.

Gone are Decker, Woodyard, Beadles, Ayers, Phillips, Rodgers-Cromartie, and many of the other stars and role-players from last season. Here to start anew will be a host of scrubs signed to futures contracts to go along with proven talent like Ward, Ware, Sanders, and Talib.

Perhaps the best thing about the 2014 Broncos is that everything begins anew, clean-slate, especially in the injury department. To go along with the free agent-acquisitions made thus far, we will also see Ryan Clady, Von Miller, Kevin Vickerson, Chris Harris, and Rahim Moore return to action.

As far as what to expect in 2014?

Nothing is guaranteed

Being the bold sumbitch I am, I'd love to sit here and predict a Super Bowl Championship, but that isn't going to happen. No loss of swag but there is just too much variance in a game that relies heavily upon it. This team is going to have to start from scratch, then again so does everyone else.

The road will be tough, this team will be battle tested

Denver has gotten the wrap of a team that can beat lesser opponents but one that struggles mightily with the contenders (I guess a decisive win in the AFCCG doesn't count). Whether the Broncos finish with a playoff bye, a division championship, or merely a playoff berth, it will have earned that position. Nine of it's sixteen games will be played against a team that made the playoffs last season.

Chemistry is of the utmost importance

The Broncos were robbed of it last year due to all the injuries. The defense never hit a stride, the offense as prolific as it was played far too inconsistently, and the team failed to feed off each other as it did in 2012. About the only consistent thing the Broncos could depend on last year was that there would be inconsistency, whether it came from a patchwork roster or mid-season coaching change. If the Broncos are to succeed in 2014, they will need to assemble and tighten up as a team.

All the Peyton Mannings, Demarcus Wares or Von Millers in the world will not be able to lift a team without chemistry.

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