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2014 NFL Draft: Scouting Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater

Could the Broncos have interest Teddy?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

A few months ago if I told you that there's a chance that Teddy Bridgewater could be available when the Broncos are picking in the first round you would have all called me insane. Well a month later that statement seems to be the reality.

So now that there's a chance that Bridgewater could be available when the Broncos pick in the first round, lets take a look at the former top Quarterback prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Teddy Bridgewater was a three-year starter for the Louisville Cardinals, and put up solid numbers in each of his three years. During his three-year career he put up 9,817 yards passing, on 68.4% passing with 72 touchdowns, and 24 interceptions. He also added 170 yards rushing, and 6 rushing touchdowns.

Year Games Comp Att Comp % Yards TD Int
2011 13 191 296 64.5 2,129 14 12
2012 13 287 419 68.5 3,718 27 8
2013 13 303 427 71.0 3,970 31 4

Bridgewater improved each year which is good to see. His 2013 season was impressive, and his best season in college. Bridgewater has shown that he's an accurate Quarterback who can take care of the ball and be productive.

Teddy Bridgewater:

Height: 6'2 Weight: 214lbs 40 Time: N/A

Arm Length: 33" Hands: 9 1/4"

Bench Press: N/A Vertical Jump: 30.0 Inches

Broad Jump: N/A 3 Cone Drill: 7.17 seconds

20 Yard Shuttle: 4.20 seconds

Film Room:

Teddy Bridgewater vs Ohio (2013)

Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater vs South Florida ᴴᴰ

Teddy Bridgewater vs Florida 2013 Sugar Bowl

Teddy Bridgewater (QB Louisville) vs Miami, 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl

Scouting Report:


  • Pro Style Offense: At Louisville Bridgewater ran a Pro-Style progression read offense where he was responsible for setting protections, and changing the plays at the line. This should make for a smooth transition for him in the NFL.
  • Mechanics: Solid footwork, and is balanced when he throws. Has solid mechanics and a fluid delivery and smooth stroke.
  • Timing: Bridgewater shows solid anticipation and throws his receivers open. That's a trait that NFL coaches love to see in young Quarterbacks. Bridgewater also sells his play actions well, and always takes what the defense gives him.
  • Durability/Toughness: Played every game in his college career, and also played through injuries.
  • Smarts: Bridgewater knows the responsibilities of everyone on the field and can get teammates lined up correctly.
  • Team Leader: Bridgewater is a highly respected, unselfish team leader. Mature and grounded individual who obviously loves football.


  • Frame: Bridgewater has a narrow and lean frame which leads to concerns about him surviving hits in the NFL.
  • Arm Strength: Bridgewater doesn't possess the strongest arm, and can have issues in windy/cold conditions.
  • Misleading Stats: His college stats are padded from mostly playing in a college offense that relied on short/lateral passes. Bridgewater has to improve his deep ball placement.
  • Release Point: Bridgewater has a lower then ideal released point. The ball often goes past his ear rather then over his head.
  • Bad Pro Day: Bridgewater had a very average Pro-Day where his ball floated, he showed poor accuracy, and threw without the gloves he often wears during games.

Does Bridgewater fit with the Broncos?:

He could.

If Teddy Bridgewater is available at 31, Elway should be thinking long and hard about selecting Bridgewater. Yes, he did select Brock Osweiler in the second round only a few years ago, but it would be hard to pass up on Bridgewater here I think.

I'm on the fence personally about this. I'm a big fan of Bridgewater, but having two high round Quarterbacks on your roster behind a Peyton Manning probably isn't the best way to go about it. There's already limited reps for Osweiler because Manning takes a vast majority of the reps. Now trying to split those reps amongst Teddy and Oz would be pretty difficult. Both guys would need as many reps as possible to improve their game. One option to solve this hypothetical issue would be to trade Osweiler, but I have a hard time seeing Elway do that.

I ultimately do not think he'll be available when the Broncos pick in the first round, but if he is it sure will make things interesting for the Broncos brass.