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Broncos Colts odds 2014: Broncos are 7-point favorites in Week One

Peyton Manning will revenge when he hosts his former team to kick off the 2014 Broncos season, Vegas says.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL schedule is barely two hours old, and the Broncos' Week One game is 137 days away, but already we know who is favored in Week One.

The Denver Broncos enter the 2014 offseason as 7-point favorites against the Indianapolis Colts, according to It's the second-largest spread of the NFL's opening week, behind only Jaguars at Eagles; Philadelphia are 11-point favorites in that game.

The Colts defeated the Broncos 39-33 on Sunday Night Football in 2013, making Peyton Manning's second match against his former team an interesting one.

Some other point spreads across Week One:

While the Broncos are 7-point favorites now, a lot can change before September 7th rolls around - you know, just a draft, offseason workouts, training camp, and preseason.  Plus, we all know strength of schedule analysis right now is mostly meaningless. NFL teams change too much year to year.

What doesn't change is a good storyline, and Peyton Manning facing the Colts always will be.