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Want to attend Broncos training camp? Sorry, fans can't

Due to construction at Dove Valley, fans will not be allowed to attend Broncos training camp in Dove Valley in 2014, the Broncos announced. Three public practices will be held at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Justin Edmonds

The Broncos have cancelled fan attendance at Dove Valley for their 2014 training camp, the team announced and 9News first reported.

This comes as a shock to most, and fans will surely be disappointed (I know I will), but it is all in an effort to better the fan experience in the future.

"It is disappointing that the construction of the new indoor practice field and improvements to our existing building will not allow us to accommodate fans at the facility for training camp this year, but we are looking forward to hosting multiple practices at Sports Authority Field at Mile High that are free and open to the public," Executive Director of Media Relations Patrick Smyth told Susie Wargin of 9News

Stadium practices

Fans will still be able to attend the three practices that will be free to the public and held at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Those dates:

  • Sunday July 27
  • Wednesday July 30
  • Saturday August 2 (Summer Scrimmage)

They will have to wait until the summer of 2015 to be back at Dove Valley and sit mere inches away from the likes of Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Von Miller, Chris Harris, and everyone else on the roster.

"The improvements will significantly enhance the fan experience at the facility starting next season (with) better visibility, substantially more capacity (three times the seating) and improved restrooms," said Smyth.

"Practices at the stadium most likely will be late morning with the final practice of the three being our annual Summer Scrimmage on Saturday, Aug. 2. That [will be] a more involved program."

A side note: No, they will not be holding training camp in Greeley. That ship has long since sailed.
Side note 2: Yes, we all realize that the last time the Broncos actually won the Super Bowl was when they had training camp in Greeley.