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2014 NFL mock draft: WR Mike Evans to Tennessee Titans with 11th pick

With the 11th pick in the 2014 Mile High Report Community Mock Draft, Tennessee Titans GM C-Pain selects...

The Titans have quietly addressed many of their major needs through free agency this past offseason. While none of their signings have been earth-shattering, they are currently in a position where they can draft best player available.

With the 11th pick in the 2014 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Tennessee Titans select...

Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

While the Titans currently boast a receiving corps that includes a budding-star in Kendall Wright, a solid up-and-coming field-stretching wideout in Justin Hunter and a solid veteran in Nate Washington, Evans would make this one of the best units in football.

Evans possess great size, strong hands and superior jumping ability that will give opposing defenses nightmares. While this may seem like a luxury pick for the Titans, adding Evans will give Jake Locker another weapon as he enters what is certainly a make or break year for the young QB. Evans and Wright together will combine as one of the most prolific chain-moving receiver duos in the league and will certainly spread the field in red-zone situations giving the team numerous options.

The Titans could also look to add a playmaker on defense with Anthony Barr or Aaron Donald. Trading back with a WR hungry team would also be a viable option for the Titans to add some extra picks as they current don't have a third-rounder because of last year's trade for Justin Hunter.

Overall, the Titans should be very happy to find Evans still on the board at 11 and this should help lessen the blow of losing Chris Johnson in the offseason. In the second round look for the Titans to address needs at either RB, CB or MLB.

  1. Houston Texans (ten_fiver) - Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
  2. St. Louis Rams (3amigosriseagain) - Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars (Jon Heath) - Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida
  4. Cleveland Browns (Mad Mel) - Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
  5. Oakland Raiders (Mancar) - Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo
  6. Atlanta Falcons (DeBroGermany) - Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Old Numero 7) - Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M
  8. Minnesota Vikings (WYOrangeCrush) - Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville
  9. Buffalo Bills (Arimaris) - Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan
  10. Detroit Lions (OregonBronco) - Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State
  11. Tennessee Titans (C-Pain) - Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
  12. New York Giants (DROPSWITCH)
  13. St. Louis Rams (Nastyj)
  14. Chicago Bears (rstabenau)
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers (bethelbroncos)
  16. Dallas Cowboys (ElwayFanJ)
  17. Baltimore Ravens (mikebirty)
  18. New York Jets (FlyingJet12)
  19. Miami Dolphins (Broncobet)
  20. Arizona Cardinals (Braden.Montgomery)
  21. Green Bay Packers (pmmojo)
  22. Philadelphia Eagles (Joseph Mahoney)
  23. Kansas City Chiefs (blazezeal)
  24. Cincinnati Bengals (Alec474)
  25. San Diego Chargers (boltfanindenver)
  26. Cleveland Browns (Whorfin)
  27. New Orleans Saints (OrangeCrush19)
  28. Carolina Panthers (horatiohog)
  29. New England Patriots (crushsg)
  30. San Francisco 49ers (frankencrank)
  31. Denver Broncos (jmarlin8)
  32. Seattle Seahawks (rclooman)