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Horse Tracks: No fans allowed at Training Camp?

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Due to construction, no fans are allowed at Training Camp in 2014:

Yesterday the Broncos announced that fans could not attend Training Camp because of on going construction at the team facility.

I can understand how this may be frustrating to some locals, and fans who attend Training Camp annually. I for one cannot understand those feelings because I have never been to a Training Camp practice, nor did I plan to attend one this season. So this news is really no big deal at all for me.

What I do care about this news is the upgrades that they're making, and how it will make things more enjoyable for everyone in the future.

"The improvements will significantly enhance the fan experience at the facility starting next season (with) better visibility, substantially more capacity (three times the seating) and improved restrooms," said Smyth.

That's the news I really care about. Read more about the news here.

So lets look on the bright side Broncos Country! Thanks to social media, we'll get live updates from camp and daily reports from a slew of reports who will be attending Camp. Plus there will be three stadium practices open to the public!

Sure it won't be the same for some of you, but lets look forward to the future improvements instead of dwelling on the negative!

Go Broncos!!

Horse Tracks:

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  • Rodger Goodell and the NFL owners are planning to talk about expanding the NFL Playoffs during their spring league meetings May. They could change the format as early as this season according to reports.
  • Rodger Goodell is also thinking about making the NFL Draft a four day event now.
  • Gregg Cosell prefers Linebacker Khalil Mack over Defensive End Jadeveon Clowney. Do you agree with him?
  • The Lions are apparently shopping around Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh. Should the Lions trade their talented Defensive Tackle, and should the Broncos have interest in trading for Suh?