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The best and worst of our 2014 NFL Mock Draft, picks 1-10

The 2014 MHR Community Mock Draft is underway and will complete the eve of the actual NFL draft. We've asked you to rate each pick, and here are the results of our reader polls for the first 10.

Scott Halleran

1. Houston Texans - QB Johnny Manziel

GM: ten_fiver
Approval: 53 percent

I have my biases against Johnny Football (they're of the "Can he play in the NFL" variety), so I know I wouldn't draft the same, but no one had a hotter pre-draft period than Texas A&M's embattled quarterback. You have to love him or hate him, it seems, so it doesn't surprise me the approval rating here is split almost exactly down the middle.

2. St. Louis Rams - DE Jadeveon Clowney

GM: 3amigosriseagain
Approval: 76 percent

The best player in the draft goes #2 overall, but the need isn't there. You know me, I'll never judge a Best Player Available pick any way but positive.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Blake Bortles

GM: Jon Heath
Approval: 47 percent

I love this pick. I don't get the low rating. The Florida connection makes it an even better fit.

4. Cleveland Browns - WR Sammy Watkins

GM: Mad Mel
Approval: 89 percent

More firepower for the Browns sounds good to me.

5. Oakland Raiders - OLB Khalil Mack

GM: Mancar
Approval: 79 percent

Good pick for the Raiders. Mack is getting enough buzz where he could go ahead of Clowney.

6. Atlanta Falcons - OT Greg Robinson

GM: DeBroGermany
Approval: 87 percent

It sounds like Falcons fans would love this pack. Atlanta is a talented team that got hurt in 2013; if they protect Matty Ice, they could get back in the playoffs.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OT Jake Matthews

GM: Old Numero 7
Approval: 89 percent

Co-voted the best pick, and I would vote it that way too.

8. Minnesota Vikings - QB Teddy Bridgewater

GM: WYOrangeCrush
Approval: N/A

I failed to include a poll in this post - my bad - but I just published one now, so feel free to click through and let us know your approval of the pick. Bridgewater's stock has seen him fall out of the first round in some drafts, but the Vikings pulled the trigger. I value game tape over pro days so can't hate on this selection.

9. Buffalo Bills - OT Taylor Lewan

GM: Arimaris
Approval: 63 percent

Taylor Lewan is a guy who seems to be all over the top 15 picks - anywhere from 2 to 5 to right here. I like offensive tackles in the early slots.

10. Detroit Lions - CB Justin Gilbert

GM: OregonBronco
Approval: N/A

We failed to get a poll on this post initially too, so feel free to vote again (and thanks). Gilbert fills a big need for Detroit and is the best cornerback in the draft.

Best Pick: WR Sammy Watkins to Browns (4th overall - 89%)

*Jake Matthews also had 89 percent, but Watkins won out since he had a bigger pool of votes.

Worst Pick: QB Blake Bortles to Jaguars (3rd overall - 47%)