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Horse Tracks: Terrance Knighton to honor contract

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Via The Denver Post

Tom Pennington

"I'm definitely going to honor the contract," Knighton said. "I want to get something done and I'd like to get something done here. I don't want to bounce around. But I'm at the point now where once the season starts, I'm just strictly football."

There is no surprise here.  Despite having a season that placed Knighton amongst the elite DT's, he' s just two seasons removed from being benched.  Not only that, the Broncos do not approach business with players in the final year of their contracts.

Knighton marks just one of many players playing through the final year of their contracts.  Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Chris Harris, Orlando Franklin, Rahim Moore, Kevin Vickerson, Nate Irving and Virgil Green are some of the others.

With another stellar season, Knighton might price him out of Denver's budget.  The other elite DT's in the league all make double digit salaries per season.  Remember, Elway has always contended that you pay elite money to elite positions.  In all liklihood this will be "Pot Roast" last season as a Bronco.  I just don't see Elway shelling out 10-11 million per season to a defensive tackle.

Draft Simulator

Evryone should check this out.  It's a free draft simulator that allows you to use several different big boards out there.....if you're a draft hopletron like me, it still allows you to go through the process and thinking end what it is like to make a draft pick.  Coming tomorrow, I'll have a six pack detailing different draft scenarios.

Horse Tracks

Horse tracks has "Gone Fishin" today.