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Denver Broncos defense focusing on turnovers in 2014 - Horse Tracks

And it's about God dang time. Since Champ Bailey spearheaded the turnover machine that was the 2005-2006 defense, the Denver Broncos have been wholly lackluster in the turnover department.

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Turnovers a Focal Point in 2014

Turnovers should be a focal point every season, but whatever the Denver Broncos have been doing in years' past simply hasn't worked. T.J. Ward and Malik Jackson both spoke of a swarming defense that creates turnovers and forces opposing offenses to be one dimensional.

Jack Del Rio has made creating turnovers a major focal point this year, which is good from where I sit, but on the same token I must ask myself why they were not major focal points last year or the year before. The results-based mentality has really invaded my orange and blue brain since Kyle Orton was quarterbacking this team. Words mean nothing if they are not backed by action and success.

It helps their cause to know that Terrance Knighton will be honoring his absurdly low contract for 2014, rather than forcing John Elway to offer a more appropriate deal.

How the 2014 Schedule Was Made

Four nerds and 40 computers work for 70 days to sift through 500,000 possibilities. My reaction is, Wow. Peter King pulled back the curtain to reveal the process to all of us hardcore NFL football fans. Mr. King has been churning out some really insightful and interesting behind the scenes articles over the last year - this is good.

Out of all those possibilities, it was a schedule created on April 16th that won above all others. It's crazy that us fans were postulating and wondering what the schedule could be months before the actual schedule was randomly spit out by a bunch of computers just a week before it was released to the general public.

There is a job I would absolutely love to work every day. This read is worth every single word.

The Best ILB in the Draft?

Horse Tracks

  • The five touchdown obliteration on the world's biggest stage is apparently now a rallying cry for the Denver Broncos. Make it count, fellas!
  • John Elway should exercise restraint on Draft Day as doing so would offer great reward, according to Jeff Legwold.
  • The Flagship offered a solid in depth piece on how to evaluate the defensive tackle position. Well worth the read for draft maniacs out there.
  • New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson opened up his wallet to the tune of $5 million to help Steve Gleason build a house specially designed to allow up to 18 patients afflicted with ALS to live fairly self-sufficient lives. That's the kind of generosity all of us can admire.
  • Unfortunately, almost-Bronco, Earl Thomas, will continue to not be a Bronco for a great many more years as he signed an extension with the Seattle Seahawks yesterday.