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T.J. Ward, Malik Jackson on Broncos offseason workouts

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New Broncos safety T.J. Ward described the difference between the Broncos and Browns during 2014 offseason workouts Monday, while defensive end Malik Jackson said he has been eager to get back to work.

Broncos safety T.J. Ward
Broncos safety T.J. Ward

You can view videos of these interviews on the team's official site here and here. Thanks to the Broncos for providing these transcripts from which I have pulled at some of my favorite quotes. Without further adieu, Ward and Jackson.

Safety T.J. Ward on adjusting to Denver

"It's all coming along. It is going to take some time. Just right now, trying to learn the defense, get acquainted with my teammates and get this cohesion down."

Ward on adjusting to the altitude

"Oh man, the first few days were tough. But I'm used to it now. My breathing is good. I've been working hard and I think our team goal we're working towards and it is going to come along soon."

Warn on whether he can sense the dissatisfaction with how last season ended

"Right now, it is still a hunger. You can tell it was a bad taste in the team's mouth from last year. Everybody is looking to improve and get better. The goal is to win that Super Bowl, so we're working really hard right now."

Ward on the difference in expectations in Denver versus Cleveland

"There is definitely a difference. We worked hard in Cleveland, but I think there's just a different kind of mindset here. There's a different mindset, a different aura around here. You can tell by the way the team is working here how we are preparing."

Ward on S Rahim Moore

"Rahim, he is a young, smart, talented player. He works hard. He is very hungry. He got hurt last year and you can tell he is trying to bounce back from that and have a great season this year."

Ward on expectations for the defense

"I think just the players we have here, the mindset that the players have as individuals-bringing that together with that whole team philosophy - that is usually how it happens. You can see glimpses of that just during the workouts. But we haven't gotten on the field yet. I'm eager to see how things come together when we get on the field. Talent-wise, it is definitely there."

Ward on the key to creating turnovers

"I think you've got to work at turnovers. Sometimes turnovers just happen, but in practice [you work on] stripping the ball, tackling, getting pressure to the quarterback, making errant throws, things like that. But I think getting in that habit of just working the ball in practice, and interceptions-like I said, they're going to come with pressure on the quarterback and good coverage, but the other types of turnovers, fumbles and things like that, you've got to work at during practice."

Defensive end Malik Jackson on offseason workouts

"So far so good. [Strength and conditioning] Coach Luke Richesson and his staff have us working really hard and it's good to be back with these guys and competing and getting closer to the season."

"We worked hard in Cleveland, but I think there's just a different kind of mindset here. There's a different mindset, a different aura around here." - T.J. Ward

Jackson on pass rushing with DE DeMarcus Ware and LB Von Miller

"You think about that, but still we have a lot of guys who can rush the passer. My focus is getting in this weight room, getting strong to try to get ready for the competition for the pass-rush stuff on third down-‘T-Knight' (DT Terrance Knighton) is a great pass rusher, ‘Sly' (DT Sylvester Williams)-and to try to compete with those guys."

Jackson on how to create takeaways

"Just swarm defense-one guy getting a hat on the ball and the other guy coming in stripping and getting the ball out. We have been watching our techniques these last few days as far as what we wanted to do last year good and bad. Takeaways are a big part of that. [Defensive Coordinator] Coach Del Rio is really big on those, so we're going to work on that."

Jackson on using the Super Bowl loss as motivation

"We use it every day. These workouts, we come in and we say, ‘We lost by 35.' So that's our motivation. Whenever someone gets tired, you just say ‘35,' and they just start picking it up again. We know we have to come back strong this year. We had a disappointing loss. But that's last season. We're ready to move on."

Jackson on his arms looking bigger

"Do they? I appreciate it (laughing)."

Jackson on whether he's gained weight

"I'm at about 290 [pounds] right now. I'll just try to stay around there. I know when camp comes it's going to fall off fast, so just have to bulk up now."

Jackson on whether it seems like they just played the Super Bowl game

"Not really. I think after that game, we kind of all just were ready to let loose. We went off; I went back to L.A. just to relax. I was kind of ready to come back. It didn't come back fast enough for me. It was a good break. A nice, decent break, but I'm glad we're back."