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2014 NFL Draft: Help us craft the Broncos' 2014 Big Board

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Rank the Broncos' top needs, one through five, to help us craft Mile High Report's 2014 NFL Draft Big Board.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With six words, ESPN's NFL draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. described what he believes are the Broncos' biggest needs. And he didn't do a bad job of it, either.

"Top needs: ILB, CB, WR, G."

But what's your take?

Now that free agency is (mostly) over, we'd ask you - how do you rank the Broncos' top five needs?

Take the poll below. Rank them 1 through 5, with 1 being the highest (the greatest need). This will help us craft our Mile High Report 2014 Big Board, our point of reference for all draft-related material moving forward and will be vital to our live 2014 coverage.

As always, I'm open to different or better ways to do this. But I want you to have a say in MHR's Big Board in 2014.

After you take the poll, do let us know your 1-5 in the comments! We'll be featuring some comments in our poll results to be posted by end of week.