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Denver Broncos salary cap finally tapped out after busy free agency - Horse Tracks

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Denver Finally Tapped Out

According to Jeff Legwold, the Denver Broncos are finally tapped out in salary cap space after signing Will Montgomery last week. The Broncos have about $4 million in cap space, which should be enough to get them through the 2014 NFL Draft next month.

Personally, I doubt we've seen the last moves of the year from John Elway and I expect to see at least a few veteran guys who are eating up sizable salaries get cut. Those would be non-starters obviously.

Farewell to Rival Blogger

Kim Constantinesco over at Predominantly Orange has been an outstanding blogger over the years and a respected rival here at Mile High Report. If you've ever read their content from my Horse Tracks in the past or on your own, then stop by and send your own personal farewell as she pursues her next journalistic endeavor.

2014 Broncos Cheerleader Finals

For those of you with way too much time on your hands, there is a thirty minute (yes, that would a 3 and a 0) video showcasing the 2014 Denver Broncos Cheerleader Finals.

I watched a few seconds of every five minutes or so and quickly realized it was a massive insight into the entire selection process. It made me think of American Idol in a way, which sort of disturbs me. In any case, for those of you interested ... enjoy!

Broncos Fans Want More

John Fox admitted that he understands that the Denver Broncos want more. Well specifically, John Elway wants more. Why is that the case? Because John Elway freaking understands Denver Broncos fans. We want more as well.

Those of us who stayed true through every single Super Bowl blowout loss (there are five now...) waited patiently for the redemption that came with the 1997-1998 campaigns. That redemption feels a bit tainted now after yet another embarrassing Super Bowl performance.

Yes, John Fox, we want more. We expect more.

Then again, at least we're not the Oakland Raiders...

Horse Tracks

  • In case you didn't know, Vox Media owns SB Nation and Mile High Report. So when the New York Times profiles Vox Media in a big time way, its good to share. Having worked on SB Nations platform for 7 years now, I know they have something no mainstream newspaper outlet has, so there is a bit of pride in that.
  • MMQB digs into the NFL Draft this week. It's not Peter King though, but it was still a solid read.  The St. Louis Rams have every fans dream, picking at #2 and #13 in the first round. Sheesh...
  • SB Nation blogger mock draft is progressing each day. Being the second best team in the 2013 means we Broncos fans still have a ways to go before we're on the clock, but it is still fun to see who else gets mocked and where.